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Between the Lies

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Through the eyes of a memorable cast of characters, many of whom are based on real football players, coaches, general managers, and owners, you now get to see professional football from the inside in Marv Levy's fictional work "Between the Lies" from Ascend Books!




  • A Fictional Plot: The Los Angeles Leopards and the Portland Pioneers are on a collision course toward the Super Bowl Championship. One team is led by a take-no-prisoners head coach; the other by a cerebral, slow-and-steady coach who has been trust into the spotlight because of a tragedy. A tense showdown is about to unfold before the world's football fans.  But along the way to the championship game, something bad happens: the very integrity of the game comes within a yard of ruin! 
  • A must-read for fans of the NFL and for all of us who ever wondered what goes on inside the sanctity of the locker room
  • 288 pages
  • Hardcover

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