Blount's Family Values


Mel and TiAnda Blount will be paying special attention to this year’s NFL Draft. Their son, Akil, has a chance to be selected during the three-day event being held in Chicago Thursday, April 28 through Saturday, April 30. Regardless of what happens this week, the Blounts aren’t worried about their son’s future.
Akil has a fall back option that is his college degree, if his professional football career doesn’t work out the way he expects. He graduated in December from Florida A&M with a degree in business and has the necessary education to help him succeed beyond the playing field.
The Hall of Fame cornerback and his wife have always emphasized how important education is throughout their children’s lives.
“We are extremely proud of Akil. Not just for his accomplishments in football, but for me as a mother even more so in the classroom and also in the community. He’s a quiet kind of person, but at the same time he’s a leader and he’s very thoughtful. I’ve always geared him towards making sure he is a good and well-rounded person,” TiAnda shared.
The former Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback recalled a story about Akil during his graduation. He explained that the President of the university recognized three out of 800 students that were graduating, one of which was his son. He said that the president talked about Akil’s character as a student, his academics, his play on the football field and his community involvement.
“I think I’m a pretty tough guy, but I broke down. I was shedding tears because it made me feel so good,” said Blount about his son’s recognition during his graduation ceremony.
Mel and TiAnda always made sure they found time to support their kids. The couple would watch their one son’s football games on Friday night and then catch a plane to watch Akil’s game on Saturday.
The Blount family will stay low-key during the draft, but are hopeful and excited to see where Akil’s path takes him life.  
“To get a chance to play in the NFL is great if it happens, but I am so proud of him as a young man that played football and got his degree in three and a half years. It’s incredible,” said Mel.

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