Educational Program Field Trip FAQ

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What should teachers do to make the field trip most enjoyable?

  • Teachers are encouraged to make a pre-visit tour of the Hall of Fame facility. There is no charge for a teacher pre-visit.
  • Prepare students prior to their visit. The supplemental lesson and our Teacher Activity Guide provided to you offers many educational based activities for the students to enjoy prior to and following their visit.
  • Allow three hours to thoroughly tour the Hall of Fame during the field trip.
  • Divide students into small groups to allow for easier access through the building and a more enjoyable time.

Who qualifies for the field trips?

  • Any organized classroom (kindergarten through 12th grade) with teacher and/or chaperone supervision from a public or private school system.

How many students are needed to participate?

  • A minimum of twelve students are needed for participation. We recommend a ratio of one teacher/chaperone per ten students.

What is the admission price?

  • FREE!! -- Ohio public or private schools, kindergarten through 8th grade.
  • REDUCED RATE -- All other schools not eligible for the sponsored program.

Is there a tour guide?

  • Following the presentation, the tour is self guided with the help of a museum volunteer. Each student will receive a Hall of Fame questionnaire geared to his or her grade level. This allows the students to experience the museum and unknowingly, practice critical thinking skills!

Does the Hall of Fame have a coat check or lockers?

  • No, these are not available. Please leave all book bags in vehicles upon arrival.

What about lunch facilities?

  • Food cannot be brought into the Hall of Fame.

Is there a store where students may purchase items?

  • Yes, there is a museum store. Only students who bring money with them will be allowed into the store.

How long should we plan on spending at the Hall of Fame?

  • We recommend 2-3 hours. This includes the presentation, self-guided tour, Super Bowl Theater (30 minutes) and time in the museum store.

How large of a group can you accommodate?

  • We can accommodate a group of 300 at one time, but if you have a large group we recommend that you split the group into two separate times. We encourage groups of 30 or more to divide into smaller groups while touring to allow for a more enjoyable field trip.

How do I schedule a field trip?

How to get to the Pro Football Hall of Fame from?

Baltimore, MD
I-70 W to I-76 W to I-77 S Exit 107A
Miles Approx.: 356; Time Approx.: 6 Hrs.
Detroit, MI
I-75 S to I-80 E to I-77S Exit 107A
Miles Approx.: 197; Time Approx.: 4 Hrs.
Buffalo, NY
I-90 W to I-271 S to I-77 S Exit 107A
Miles Approx.: 223; Time Approx.: 4 hrs.
Indianapolis, IN
I-70 E to I-270 N to I-71 N to US-30 E to I-77 N Exit 107A
Miles Approx.: 302; Time Approx.: 5 Hrs.
Charleston, WV
I-77 North Exit 107A
Miles Approx.: 192; Time Approx.: 4 Hrs.
Louisville, KY
I-71 to US 30 E to I-77 N Exit 107A
Miles Approx.: 327; Time Approx.: 6 Hrs.
Charlotte, NC
I-77 North Exit 107A
Miles Approx.: 457; Time Approx.: 7 Hrs.
New York, NY
I-80 W to I-77 S Exit 107A
Miles Approx.: 464; Time Approx.: 8 Hrs.
Chicago, IL
I-94 S to I-80 E to I-77 S Exit 107A
Miles Approx.: 362; Time Approx.: 7 Hrs.
Philadelphia, PA
I-76 W to I-77 S Exit 107A
Miles Approx.: 389; Time Approx.: 8 Hrs.
Cincinnati, OH
I-71 N to US 30 E to I-77 N Exit 107A
Miles Approx.: 226; Time Approx.: 4 Hrs.

Pittsburgh, PA
I-76 West to I-77 S Exit 107A
Miles Approx.: 91; Time Approx.: 2 Hrs.

Cleveland, Ohio
I-77S Exit 107A
Miles Approx.: 60; Time Approx.: 1 Hr.

Washington, DC
I-270N to I-70W to I-76W to I-77S Exit 107A
Miles Approx.: 335; Time Approx.: 7 Hrs.

Columbus, OH
I-71 N to US 30 E to I-77N Exit 107A
Miles Approx.: 120; Time Approx.: 2 Hrs.


“Great job working with the kids. Kids really liked it. We wish we had more time!”

“I thought the career expedition scavenger hunt connectd the students into searching and reading through the exhibits. I also can’t express enough how fascinated I was with the activity guide that was provided. There were so many state standards and benchmarks addressed with the activities included”

“We always have a super time. Thank so much!”

“Thank you so much – this is our favorite field trip – teachers and students! There is so much to see and do. The questionnaire helps them to interact with displays and they enjoy it too. THANK YOU!!”

“I was worried that my age level of students would not enjoy it, but they did. You guys did a good job of bringing it down to their level. I think it’s important for children and adults to know more about the Hall of Fame because it’s part of our city’s history. I’m glad I found out about this program. Thanks for everything.”

The Hall of Fame is a public facility for everyone to enjoy. We require that the group leaders take full responsibility for the conduct of their students.

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