Football Clinic for Athletes with Special Needs


June 6, 2015
1 p.m. - 3 p.m.

This camp works best when the family is involved. We provide food and drinks for all to encourage the whole family to participate in this fun event. The camp designed to achieve maximum teaching, pleasure and physical activities for our guests and is designed as a "Non-Contact" camp for children between the ages of 5-18.


  • QUARTERBACK DRILLS - The children practice basic football skills such as stretching, holding a football, and practicing a football stance. 
  • AGILITY - We set up a type of obstacle course the kids run through while carrying a football as coaches cheer them on. 
  • KICKING - They have the opportunity to kick a Football off a Tee. Coaches give players encouragement and tips on the mechanics of kicking. 
  • "BUNNY HOP" -  This drill kind of happened and the kids made this one up. We take coaching bags and lay them on the ground. The children jump over them like a Bunny would hop. 
  • SPRINTS - The children have a race against the coaches. They run forward first, then turn around and return running backwards. 
  • TOUCHDOWN RUN - This is the last event we have for the children. They make a run through the coaches faking them out to score a touchdown. They are asked to show their best "Touchdown Dance" after beating the coaches. 


  • The children are taught different Cheerleading routines as well as a variety of tumbling moves. 
  • During the camp, they learn different routines that they perform at the end of the camp. Some of the routines are done to music and involves all camp participants. 

Price: FREE
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