Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2014 Semifinalists Career Capsules

Morten Andersen

Position: Kicker
Years/Teams: 1982-1994 New Orleans Saints, 1995-2000, 2006-07 Atlanta Falcons, 2001 New York Giants, 2002-03 Kansas City Chiefs, 2004 Minnesota Vikings

College: Michigan State
Drafted: 4th round (86th player overall) of 1982 draft by New Orleans Saints

Seasons: 25
Games: 382
All-Pro: 5
Pro Bowls: 7
Career Stats: 565 Field Goals, 849 PATs for 2,544 career points

Notable: Andersen retired as the NFL’s all-time leading scorer and leads two teams (the Saints and Falcons) in career field goals and points.

Steve Atwater

Years/Teams: 1989-1998 Denver Broncos, 1999 New York Jets

College: Arkansas
Drafted: 1st round (20th player overall) of 1989 draft by Denver Broncos.

Games: 167
All-Pro: 2
Pro Bowls: 8
Career Stats: 24 interceptions for 408 yards and 1 TD

 Atwater's selection to seven straight Pro Bowls from 1990-96 is tied for the franchise record with Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe.

Jerome Bettis

Position: Running Back
Years/Teams: 1993-95 Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams; 1996-2005 Pittsburgh Steelers

College: Notre Dame
Drafted: 1st round (10th overall) of 1993 draft by Los Angeles Rams

Seasons: 13
Games: 192
All-Pro: 2
Pro Bowls: 6
Career Stats: 3,479 carries for 13,662 yards, 91 touchdowns; 200 receptions for 1,449 yards, 3 touchdowns. 

Notable: At the time of his retirement Bettis ranked 5th in rushing yards.

Derrick Brooks

Position: Linebacker
Years/Teams: 1995-2008 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14 playing seasons)

Florida State
Drafted: 1st round (28th player overall) of 1995 draft by Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Seasons: 14
Games: 224
All-Pro: 6
Pro Bowls: 11
Career Stats:  Recorded 25 interceptions returned for 530 yards, 6 TDs. Also amassed 13.5 sacks and one fumble recovery for touchdown.

Notable: Brooks, a member of the NFL’s All-Decade Team of the 2000s, was named the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year in 2002.

Tim Brown

Position: Wide Receiver/Kick Returner
Years/Teams: 1988-2003 Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders, 2004 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

College: Notre Dame
Drafted: 1st round (6th overall) of 1988 draft by Los Angeles Raiders

Seasons: 17
Games: 255
All-Pro: 2
Pro Bowls: 9 
Career Stats: 1,094 receptions for 14,934 yards and 100 touchdowns. 

Notable: Brown had 80 or more receptions in nine seasons over a 10-year span. He also was lethal return man, his 19,682 all-purpose yards still ranks fifth all-time.

Don Coryell

Position: Head Coach
Years/Teams: 1973-77 St. Louis Cardinals; 1978-1986 San Diego Chargers

College: Washington

NFL Coach of the Year Awards: 1
Division Titles: 5
Career Record: 114 wins, 89 losses, 1 tie including playoffs 

 Under Coryell’s direction, the Chargers led the NFL in passing seven out of eight seasons.

Roger Craig

Position: Running Back
Years/Teams: 1983-1990 San Francisco 49ers; 1991 Los Angeles Raiders; 1992-93 Minnesota Vikings

College: Nebraska
Drafted: 2nd round (49th overall) of 1983 draft by San Francisco 49ers

Seasons: 11
Games: 165
All-Pro: 1
Pro Bowls: 
Career Stats: 1,991 carries for 8,189 yards, 56 touchdowns; 566 receptions for 4,911 yards, 17 touchdowns. 

Notable: At the time of his retirement, Craig ranked in the Top 20 career leaders in both receptions and rushing yards.

Terrell Davis

Position: Running Back
Years/Teams: 1995-2001 Denver Broncos

College: Long Beach State; Georgia
Drafted: 6th round (196th overall) of 1995 draft by Denver Broncos

Seasons: 7
Games: 78
All-Pro: 3
Pro Bowls: 3 
Career Stats: 1,655 carries for 7,607 yards, 60 touchdowns 

Notable: Significantly increased yardage total each season until he suffered knee injury. In 1998, he became the fourth player in NFL history to rush for 2,000 yards in a season.

Edward DeBartolo, Jr.

Position: Owner
Years/Teams: 1977-2000 San Francisco 49ers

Notre Dame

Division Titles: 13
Conference Titles: 5
Super Bowl Titles: 5

Notable: DeBartolo transformed the 49ers into one of the most dominant dynasties in NFL history.

Tony Dungy

Position: Head Coach
Years/Teams: 1996-2001 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 2002-08 Indianapolis Colts

College: Minnesota

NFL Coach of the Year Awards: 2
Seasons: 13
Division Titles: 6
Conference Titles: 1
Super Bowl Titles: 1

Dungy, the first African American head coach to win a Super Bowl, was elected to the NFL’s All-Decade Team of the 2000s.

Kevin Greene

Position: Linebacker/Defensive End
Years/Teams: 1985-1992 Los Angeles Rams, 1993-95 Pittsburgh Steelers, 1996, 1998-99 Carolina Panthers, 1997 San Francisco 49ers

College: Auburn
Drafted: 5th round (113th overall) of 1985 draft by Los Angeles Rams

Seasons: 15
Games: 228
All-Pro: 2 
Pro Bowls: 5
Career Stats: Amassed 160 sacks. Also had 5 interceptions for 53 yards, 1 TD; 3 Safeties, and 2 fumble recoveries for touchdowns. 

Notable: Greene twice led the NFL in sacks, the first time in 1994 with the Steelers and again two years later in Carolina. He had 10 or more sacks in a season 10 times during his career.

Charles Haley

Position: Defensive End/Linebacker
Years/Teams: 1986-1991, 1999 San Francisco 49ers, 1992-96 Dallas Cowboys

College: James Madison
Drafted: 4th round (96th overall) of 1986 draft by San Francisco 49ers

Seasons: 12
Games: 169
All-Pro: 2
Pro Bowls: 5
Career Stats: Recorded 100.5 sacks. Had one safety and one fumble recovery for a touchdown.

Notable: Haley holds the NFL record for most Super Bowl victories by a player. He won three with the Cowboys (XXVII, XVIII, XXX) and two with San Francisco (XXIII, XXIV).

Marvin Harrison

Position: Wide Receiver
Years/Teams: 1996-2008 Indianapolis Colts

Drafted: 1st round of 1996 draft by Indianapolis Colts

Seasons: 13
Games: 190
All-Pro: 6
Pro Bowls: 8
Career Stats: 1,102 receptions for 14,580 yards and 128 TDs

At retirement, Harrison ranked second all-time in receptions and fourth in career receiving yardage.


Joe Jacoby

Position: Tackle
Years/Teams: 1981-1993 Washington Redskins

College: Louisville
Drafted: Signed as a free agent by Washington Redskins in 1981

Seasons:  13
Games:  170
All-Pro: 3
Pro Bowls: 4

Notable: At the time of his retirement, Jacoby was the only offensive lineman in Redskins history to score a TD.

Jimmy Johnson

Position: Head Coach
Years/Teams: 1989-1993 Dallas Cowboys, 1996-99 Miami Dolphins 

College: Arkansas

NFL Coach of the Year Awards: 1
Seasons: 9
Division Titles: 2
Conference Titles: 2
Super Bowl Titles: 2

Notable: Johnson was first coach to win a Super Bowl and a major college championship.

Walter Jones

Position:  Tackle
Years/Teams: 1997-2008 Seattle Seahawks

College: Holmes Comm. College (MS); Florida State
Drafted: 1st round (6th player overall) of 1997 draft by Seattle Seahawks

Seasons: 12
Games: 180
All-Pro: 6
Pro Bowls: 9

Notable: Jones was voted to the NFL’s All-Decade Team of the 2000s. His number was retired by the Seahawks  in 2010.

John Lynch

Position: Free Safety
Years/Teams: 1993-2003 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 2004-07 Denver Broncos

College: Stanford
Drafted: 3rd round (82nd player overall) of 1993 draft by Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Seasons: 15
Games: 224
All-Pro: 3
Pro Bowls: 9
Career Stats: 24 interceptions for 204 yards and 13.0 career sacks.

Notable: Lynch registered nine seasons in which he logged 90 or more tackles.

Karl Mecklenburg

Position: Linebacker 
Years/Teams: 1983-1994 Denver Broncos

College: Augustana (SD); Minnesota
Drafted: 12th round (310th player overall) of 1983 draft by Denver Broncos.

Seasons: 12
Games: 180
All-Pro: 4
Pro Bowls: 6
Career Stats: 79.0 sacks, five interceptions for 128 yards, one safety and two fumble recoveries for a TD.

Notable: Mecklenburg is the only player in Denver Broncos history to record four sacks in a game twice.

Andre Reed

Position: Wide Receiver
Years/Teams: 1985-1999 Buffalo Bills, 2000 Washington Redskins

College: Kutztown
Drafted: 4th round (86th overall) in 1985 draft by Buffalo Bills

Seasons: 16
Games: 234
All-Pro: 3
Pro Bowls: 7 
Career Stats: 951 receptions for 13,198 yards and 87 touchdowns. 

Notable: Reed had 50 or more receptions in 13 seasons, which rank him third all-time. Also, at the time of his retirement his 951 career receptions ranked third all-time.

Will Shields

Position: Guard
Years/Teams: 1993-2006 Kansas City Chiefs 

College: Nebraska
Drafted: 3rd round (74th player overall) of 1993 draft by Kansas City Chiefs.

Seasons: 14
Games: 224
All-Pro: 3
Pro Bowls: 12

Notable: Shields was selected for the NFL's All-Decade Team in the 2000s.

Michael Strahan

Position: Defensive End
Years/Teams: 1993-2007 New York Giants

College: Texas Southern
Drafted:  2nd round (40th player overall) of 1993 draft by New York Giants.

Seasons: 15
Games: 216
All-Pro: 5
Pro Bowls: 7
Career Stats: 141.5 sacks and 1 safety, 4 interceptions for 124 yards and 2 TDs

Notable: Strahan holds the NFL record for most sacks in a single season when he recorded 22.5 during the 2001 season.

Paul Tagliabue

Position: Commissioner
Years/Teams: 1989-2006 National Football League

College: Georgetown, New York University

Notable: In 17 years as commissioner of the NFL Tagliabue grew the league from 28 to 32 teams and supported the construction of 20 new stadiums. He also created a league-wide internet network and the NFL Network.

Aeneas Williams

Position: Cornerback/Safety
Years/Teams: 1991-2000 Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals, 2001-04 St. Louis Rams

College: Southern University
Drafted: 3rd round (59th overall) of 1991 draft by Phoenix Cardinals

Seasons: 14
Games: 211
All-Pro: 4
Pro Bowls: 8 
Career Stats: 55 interceptions for 807 yards and 9 touchdowns. 

Notable: At the time of his retirement, Williams ranked tied with Hall of Famer Ken Houston for second on the NFL’s all-time list of interception returns for touchdowns with nine.

Steve Wisniewski

Position: Guard
Years/Teams: 1989-2001 Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders

Penn State
Drafted: 2nd round (29th player overall) of 1989 draft by Dallas Cowboys

Seasons: 13
Games: 207
All-Pro: 5
Pro Bowls: 8

Notable: Wisniewski, who was named All-Pro five straight seasons, was voted to the NFL’s All-Decade Team for the 1990s.

George Young

Position: Contributor
Years/Teams: 1968-1974 Baltimore Colts; 1975-1978 Miami Dolphins; 1979-1997 New York Giants; 1998-2001 National Football League

College: Bucknell University, Johns Hopkins, Loyola

Division Titles:  6
Conference Titles: 4
Super Bowl Titles: 3

Notable: Young was honored as the NFL’s Executive of the Year five times (1984, 1986, 1990, 1993, 1997).

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