The Pro Football Hall of Fame will hold a spectacular new Fantasy Football Experience on Aug. 19-20. For the first time at the Hall, Fantasy Football experts along with Hall of Famers (WARREN MOON, CHRIS DOLEMAN and ANTHONY MUÑOZ) will share their expert insider knowledge with participants in an interactive experience to help draft and manage a winning fantasy team.

Joining Moon, Doleman and Muñoz for the event will be some of the most knowledgeable experts on fantasy football: Mike Clay (, Michael Fabiano (, John Hansen (, David Dodds (, Jeff Ratcliffe ( and Bob Lung (

Attendees kick off the event on the afternoon of Friday, Aug. 19 with a dinner with the Hall of Fame greats and fantasy football experts. As part of the experience, guests will be able to tour the Pro Football Hall of Fame and enjoy two major new attractions. A Game for Life is a spectacular holographic immersive theater and the “Hunt/Casterline Pro Football Hall of Fame Card Collection” exhibit showcases the world’s rarest and most valuable football card collection.

The main event of the Fantasy Football Experience takes place on Saturday, Aug. 20 with in-depth panel discussions with the fantasy football experts. The panel of experts will provide participants with information on draft and trade strategy, position breakdowns, roster recommendations, and other useful tips to prepare attendees for their fantasy draft. A rundown of the topics being discussed by the experts and Hall of Famers include:

  • Quarterbacks – Advice on who to target in a fantasy football draft and in what rounds to draft them. In addition, the experts will provide secret picks for undervalued and overvalued quarterbacks heading into the 2016 season.

  • Running Backs – Tips on which running backs should be picked early and which runners to wait on. Plus, information will be provided on which rookies will provide excellent value; and which running backs are either undervalued or overvalued heading into the 2016 Fantasy Football draft season.

  • Wide Receivers – Attendees will learn which receivers to target early and late and which rookie receivers to focus on in draft and redraft leagues and dynasty leagues. The panel of experts will also share their “sleepers” and “busts” and share their personal favorites as well.

  • Tight Ends – Participants at the event will learn from the experts which tight ends should be drafted and when. The fantasy football experts will also reveal their top picks for undervalued and overvalued tight ends heading into the 2016 season.  

  • The session will also include the panel sharing what may be shocking picks as their “sleepers” (undervalued) and “busts” (overvalued).

Moon, Doleman and Muñoz will provide special “Gold Jacket” insight with evaluations of current players and who they would draft for the 2016 Fantasy Football league. The Hall of Famers will also debate about former players and who were the best fantasy performers of all-time.

The event wraps up with a “Tailgate” dinner and Gold Jacket Roundtable where Moon, Doleman and Muñoz will share stories about their roads to Canton.


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