Hall of Fame Travels to Nashville For AFCA


As the Pro Football Hall of Fame gears up for another exciting season in 2017, members of the Hall attended the American Football Coaches Association Conference in Nashville, Tennessee last week. The overall mission was to gain a clear picture of what is being taught and learned on the gridiron.
I was fortunate to be able to attend the 2017 AFCA Convention this week in Nashville, TN,” said Clint Fetty, General Manager Pro Football Hall of Fame Sports Complex. “We talked to Football Coaches from across the country about what the game of football has meant in their lives, and how we can help support them in their everyday roles as coaches and mentors. In addition, we were able to meet with organizations who will assist with the development of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Sports Complex to ensure that it is the finest football and athletics complex in the country.”
Being on location helped the Hall obtain information and build content for the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s newest program, The Game for Life Academy.
The Game for Life Academy is the foundational educational Character Development Programming for the Center for Excellence. Deeply rooted in the Hall’s Core Values of Commitment, Integrity, Courage, Respect & Excellence, the goal of this program is further educate and help build character throughout the country from the values of the game.  
While attending the conference, members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame were apart of coaches’ classes, lectures, and interacting seminars. Faculty had the opportunity to meet coaches from across the country and listen to the rich stories of how the game of football has impacted the lives of young people.

Here is what Coach Ricardo Zepeda of St. Paul’s High School, in Santa Fe Springs, California   had to say about the great lessons learned from the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
“I enjoy watching the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Enshrinement every year,” said Zepeda. “I believe the commitment of the game is really needed at this time. The kids that I try to mentor need to hear the life stories of the Pro Football Hall of Famers. We as a team watch the Enshrinement speeches every year and the kids learn that it takes so much support for those players to reach the plateaus of their careers.”
In 2016 the Pro Football Hall of Fame Sports Complex hosted over 25,000 participants in the sports of football, soccer, and lacrosse who were able to compete in various tournaments, sports camps, and combines.
To be a part of the excitement and bring your sports event or team to the Pro Football Hall of Fame "The Most Inspiring Place on Earth" in 2017 please contact Clint Fetty at cfetty@legacyglobalsports.com or by phone 614-208-8755.

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