Jones record-tying KOR noted in HOF


The Baltimore Ravens relied heavily on a special teams performance to get a win in Week 6. The highlight and the game’s critical touchdown came early in the third quarter when Jacoby Jones took a kickoff eight yards deep in his own end zone and ran it all the way back for an NFL record-tying return. The score put the Ravens up by 11 points en route to a 31-29 victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Oct. 14, 2012.

Jones explained the rationale behind not taking a knee. “You know when you get that itch? I wanted to scratch it. So I took it.”

The jersey Jones wore on the kickoff return has been donated to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The memento from the historic play arrived at the museum on Friday afternoon and will be placed on exhibit inside the Pro Football Today Gallery. The exhibition area already features numerous items from history-making moments during the 2012 season.

Jones return tied the record for longest kickoff return set by Ellis Hobbs of the New England Patriots in 2007 and the Green Bay Packers Randall Cobb last season. Artifacts from those players were obtained by the Hall of Fame.

Viddy: Jersey arriving in Canton

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