Oldest records

Here is a list of some of the oldest single-season or single-game records in 2013 NFL Record & Fact Book.

Van Brocklin

Most Points, Game
Ernie Nevers, Chicago Cardinals vs. Chicago Bears, Nov. 28, 1929 (6-td, 4-pat)

Most Touchdowns Rushing, Game — 6
Ernie Nevers, Chicago Cardinals vs. Chicago Bears, Nov. 28, 1929

Highest Rushing Average Gain, Season (Qualifiers) — 8.44
Beattie Feathers, Chicago Bears, 1934 (119-1,004)

Highest Punting Average, Season (Qualifiers) — 51.40
Sammy Baugh, Washington Redskins, 1940 (35-1,799)

Highest Punting Average, Rookie, Season (Qualifiers) — 45.92
Frank Sinkwich, Detroit Lions, 1943 (12-551)

Highest Punting Average, Game (minimum: 4 punts) — 61.75
Bob Cifers, Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears, Nov. 24, 1946 (4-247)

Highest Average Gain, Pass Receptions, Season (minimum: 24 receptions) — 32.58
Don Currivan, Boston Yanks, 1947 (24-782)

Highest Average Gain, Passing, Game (minimum: 20 passes) — 18.58
Sammy Baugh, Washington Redskins vs. Boston Yanks, Oct. 31, 1948 (24-446)

Most Touchdowns, Fumble Recoveries, Game — 2
Fred (Dippy) Evans, Chicago Bears vs. Washington Redskins Nov. 28, 1948

Most Yards Gained, Intercepted Passes, Rookie, Season — 301
Don Doll, Detroit Lions, 1949

Most Passes Had Intercepted, Game — 8
Jim Hardy, Chicago Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Eagles, Sept. 24, 1950

Highest Kickoff Return Average, Game (minimum: 3 returns) — 73.50
Wally Triplett, Detroit Lions vs. Los Angeles Rams, Oct. 29, 1950 (4-294)

Highest Punt Return Average, Season (Qualifiers) — 23.00
Herb Rich, Baltimore Colts, 1950 (12-276)

Highest Punt Return Average, Rookie, Season (Qualifiers) — 23.00
Herb Rich, Baltimore Colts, 1950 (12-276)

Most Yards Passing, Game — 554
Norm Van Brocklin, Los Angeles Rams vs. New York Yanks, Sept. 28, 1951 Story>>>

Most Touchdowns, Punt Returns, Rookie, Season — 4
Jack Christiansen, Detroit Lions, 1951

Most Interceptions By, Season — 14
Dick (Night Train) Lane, Los Angeles Rams, 1952 Video>>>

Most Interceptions By, Rookie, Season — 14
Dick (Night Train) Lane, Los Angeles, Rams, 1952

Highest Average Gain, Passing, Season (Qualifiers) — 11.17
Tommy O’Connell, Cleveland Browns, 1957 (110-1,229)

Most Yards Gained, Pass Receptions, Rookie, Season — 1,473
Bill Groman, Houston Oilers, 1960

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