Hunt/Casterline Pro Football Hall Of Fame Card Collection Exhibit Is Open


Guests to the Pro Football Hall of Fame can now experience the rarest, highest graded and most valuable football card collection in the world.
The Hunt/Casterline Pro Football Hall of Fame Card Collection opened this week for visitors to enjoy and marvel at this one-of-a-kind exhibit. Robert Casterline, who along with his business partners Dan Hunt, son of Hall of Famer Lamar Hunt, built the collection over the past several years. On Tuesday, he saw the exhibit for the first time and it left him speechless.
“I was just anxious to start seeing everything and how they were put together,” said Casterline. “Looking at the cards and the way they are displayed here is completely different than the way they were displayed at my home. To see them in a museum setting it’s completely different and it’s all put together in a perfect marriage and it’s a pretty special feeling.
I think this is the perfect setting for a collection of this magnitude,” Casterline continued. This collection was a labor of love, Dan and I said that both from the beginning. But our ultimate goal was to display them and showcase them to fans forever.”
“This collection is going to grow,” further explained Casterline. “Every year there is going to be new Hall of Fame players. The thing that is organic about this collection, it can grow for the next 500, 5000 years. Hopefully my children will take up the cause.”
Whether you’re a child that grew up in the 1950s or ‘80s, collecting cards is a rite of passage. With those experiences, little did children know they were actually collecting a piece of fine art of American history. Now in pristine condition, families can experience the preserved history of the heroes that have built this great game of football through the Hunt/Casterline Pro Football Hall of Fame Card Collection.
“We weren’t doing this to chase a market,” pointed out Casterline. “We were doing this for the fans, the kids and the Hall of Fame. We’re really thrilled that it is here and that the fans can enjoy the collection.”

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