45th Annual Photo Contest - Voices behind the shutter


All of the photographers who placed in this year’s contest shared their stories behind the winning shots. Find out how they captured these great images. Click on the thumbnails below to listen to their stories.

Dave Boss Award of Excellence - 2012 Photo of the Year

Capturing the image | Reaction to winning

Action Winners




"Can't Catch Me!"
  "Hawkeyed"   "Relentless Pressure"



"By A Nose"   "End Zone Dive"
  "Stiff Move"
Untitled    "MVP Adrian Peterson"   "Edwards Grab"

 Feature Winners




"Ray Reflects"   "Driver Seat"   "Biceps"

"Crowd Pleaser"   "If Looks Could Kill"    "Sleeveless in Foxborough"

"The Entrance"    "Da Bears"    
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