Hall supports I am Not A HERO Foundation efforts

Working with the NFL and with support of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, I am Not A HERO Foundation, Inc., will host the Elijah Alexander NFL Youth Leadership Symposium and Mini Clinic at Fort Hood on  Super Bowl Sunday from 11:00 am-1:00 pm (CMT).

The event is named after Elijah Alexander, a founding advisory board member of I am Not A HERO Foundation, Inc., who passed away in 2010 after a five-year battle from a rare form of cancer called myeloma.  Elijah, a native of Ft. Worth, was a NFL linebacker for 10 years for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders. He coached youth football for several years and founded the Tackle Myeloma Foundation to fund research and treatment for children with the rare cancer.

I am Not A HERO Foundation: Is the only Veteran Service Organization (VSO) that is co-founded by athletes, entertainers, retired military, veteran and civilians in support of Military, Wounded Warriors, Veterans and their Families.

Steve Perry, President/Executive Director of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, said “it’s about the community coming together and supporting the children of our service members, Wounded Warriors and veterans.”

What others are saying:

“We are honored that children at Ft. Hood will be part of Super Bowl activities. As a friend of Elijah’s, I know he would be proud of this day. Through all that he endured, he believed in our vision of encouraging a younger generation of athletes and entertainers to give back and support our military, veterans and their families. The event provides a venue for our troops, Wounded Warriors and their children to relax while learning from NFL players.” - Scott Turner, co founder of I am Not A HERO Foundation, Inc. “

“The Symposium & mini clinic is just a continuation of our work with the NFL to support of our Military, Wound Warriors, veterans and families. We are honored to give back because they sacrifice so much in defending our freedoms and ask so little.” - Joey Browner, co-founder, I am Not A HERO Foundation, Inc. 

“There are more than 1200 former veterans in the NFL family, including owners, current and former players, coaches, and staff. There also is a traveling exhibit that highlights the NFL’s special relationship with our Military, that’s housed at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.” -  LTG (RET.) Randy Rigby co-founder, I am Not A HERO Foundation, Inc.

“We are pleased to support today’s special event and recognize the military and their families.” - Harold Henderson, a co-founder of I Am Not A HERO Foundation, Inc. and NFL executive.
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