Charles W. Bidwill, Sr.


Charles W. Bidwill, Sr.

14 seasons


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"I may be a nut on this subject, but my idea is that pro football will be a helluva thing in a few more years … Our game is making definite strides forward, strides with each year.” (1936)

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(Loyola of Chicago)...0'0'', 0...Charles W. Bidwill, Sr. . .Purchased Cardinals' franchise, 1933. . . Staunch faith in NFL stood as guiding light during dark depression years. . .Dealt AAFC most stunning blow with $100,000 signing of Charley Trippi, 1947. . .Built famous "Dream Backfield" but died before it could bring him a Cardinals championship. . .Financial help saved Bears' ownership for George Halas, 1932. . .Born September 16, 1895, in Chicago, Illinois. . . Died April 19, 1947, at age of 51.