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Hugh Ray

15 seasons


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"Just when we think we have a certain rule edited so that it sounds logical and is fair to both the offensive and defensive teams, along comes a coach with a new-fangled shift or play. Then we’ve got to change the rule in order to plug up the loop-hole.”

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(Illinois)...Hugh L. Ray. . .Only 5-6, 136, but a giant of pro football. . . NFL Supervisor of Officials, 1938-1952. . .Worked tirelessly to improve officiating techniques. . .Streamlined rules to improve tempo of play, increase safety. . .Visited each team annually to educate players, coaches. . .Said to have made 300,000 notations as technical observer. . .Born September 21, 1884, in Highland Park, Illinois. . .Died September 16, 1956, at age of 71.