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"I look back now and I can see that the only advantage to being drafted high is financially. I think a player that comes up the way I did get a lot more out of the game. If my career ended today or tomorrow I don’t think I could say I got a bad deal. I have nothing bad to say about the game. I think it’s because of the fact that I came up the way I did. I feel I earned my job and that I’m justified where I am.”

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(South Dakota State)...6'2'', 250...James John Langer. . .Signed as free agent, 1970. . .Became starter, played every offensive down in perfect 1972 season, when he needed help on just three of 500 blocking assignments. . .Lauded for "professional, no frills" demeanor . . .Hard-working, quick, low-driving blocker. . .Rarely made mistake. . .First-team All-Pro four times; All-AFC five straight years. . . Played in three AFC title games, three Super Bowls, six Pro Bowls. . . Born May 16, 1948, in Little Falls, Minnesota.