Pro Football Hall of Fame Radio on Sirius XM Radio


Pro Football Hall of Famers ERIC DICKERSON and WARREN MOON will be guests on tomorrow’s edition of Pro Football Hall of Fame Radio on SiriusXM. The show airs live tomorrow (Oct. 31) and every Saturday from 2:00 to 4:00 pm ET on SiriusXM NFL Radio (channel 88).
Dickerson (Class of 1999) and Moon (Class of 2006) will be interviewed by Pro Football Hall of Fame Executive Vice President JOE HORRIGAN and SiriusXM’s HOWARD BALZER, who co-host the program each week. They will also be joined on air by Gold Jacket DERRICK BROOKS (Class of 2014), who will be the featured co-host on this week’s show.
Pro Football Hall of Fame Radio on SiriusXM celebrates the game’s rich history and the all-time greats who are enshrined in the Hall as well as focus on the values that can be learned from the game. Horrigan and Balzer talk at length with their Hall of Fame co-host and other guests about their careers and the road that led them to the Hall of Fame, and relate their experiences with those who are playing today.

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