Undrafted HOFers

Hall of Famers who entered the league as free agents

Jim Langer

Larry Little

Jim Langer  - 1970 Larry Little - 1967
Year Name Position Team
1946 (AAFC) Frank Gatski C Cleveland Browns
1946 (AAFC) Lou Groza T-K Cleveland Browns
1946 (AAFC) Marion Motley FB Cleveland browns
1946 (AAFC) Bill Willis MG Cleveland Browns
1948 (AAFC) Joe Perry FB San Francisco 49ers
1948 Emlen Tunnell S New York Giants
1951 Jack Butler CB Pittsburgh Steelers
1952 Dick "Night Train" Lane CB Los Angeles Rams
1960 Willie Wood S Green Bay Packers
1962 Mick Tingelhoff C Minnesota Vikings
1963 Willie Brown CB Houston Oilers
1966 Emmitt Thomas CB Kansas City Chiefs
1967 Larry Little G San Diego Chargers
1970 Jim Langer C Cleveland Browns
1984 Warren Moon QB Houston Oilers
1990 John Randle DT Minnesota Vikings

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