Notes & Quotes: Bob Hayes


Class of 2009 Enshrinee

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Hayes is the first member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame from Florida A&M.

Bob played running back in high school and college.

Hayes scored a touchdown for every 5.2 passes he caught during his 11-season NFL career.

For two seasons in the early ‘70s, the Cowboys receiving corps featured three Hall of Fame pass catches – wide receivers Hayes and Lance Alworth, and tight end Mike Ditka.

Hayes had two long plays against the Cleveland Browns in the 1967 playoffs – an 86-yard catch from Don Meredith; and a 68-yard punt return.

His 246 receiving yards against the Washington Redskins on Nov. 13, 1966 remains a Cowboys single game record today. His 95-yard TD reception that game also still stands as a team record.

Hayes scored a career-high four touchdowns against the Houston Oilers on Dec. 20, 1970. All four TDs to Hayes were in succession during the Cowboys’ 52-10 rout. He had a pair of 38-yard TD catches in the first half, added 15-yard and 59-yard touchdown receptions in the third quarter. He finished with 6 catches for 187 yards.

He scored two rushing touchdowns in his career. The first came in his second NFL game on an 11-yard run in the second quarter of the Cowboys’ 27-7 win over the Washington Redskins. His second rushing TD, a 13-yard run, came on Thanksgiving Day 1970 as Dallas beat Green Bay 16-3.


“As long as Bobby is in the lineup, the other team has to make adjustments it doesn’t normally make.” – Roger Staubach, Hall of Fame quarterback and teammate

“(Hayes) wouldn’t have gone out for track if it meant giving up football.” – Jake Gaither, Hayes’ Football coach at Florida A&M

“He could really fly. No one could catch him.” - Earl Kitchings, Hayes’ high school football coach

“Bob changed football, before Bob came along, you saw man-to-man defense.” – Pettis Norman, Cowboys teammate

“How fast was Bob Hayes? There. Want to see how fast he was again? Blink. That’s how fast Bob was.” – Lem Barney, Hall of Fame cornerback

“He tends to explode us into action. When we score with him, everything seems to explode after that, and there is no telling what will happen.” – Tom Landry, Hall of Fame coach

“The biggest thing you can have going for you in this league is fear. If you can create fear in your opponent, it throws him off his game. That’s what Hayes gives us.” – Tom Landry

“There’s no one who can make a defense commit itself as much as Hayes can.” – Spider Lockhart, former New York Giants defensive back

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