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BACKDRAFT SERIES: For 16 days leading up to the 2011 NFL Draft, we're rolling out capsule draft histories of each of the 32 NFL Teams.


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2011 Draft Position:
• 2


First-Ever NFL Draft Pick:

• Roger LeClerc, C, Trinity (1960). The AFL's first draft had a provision where each of the eight clubs received one "territorial" or "bonus" pick.


Most Recent Draft Pick:

• Jammie Kirlew, LB, Indiana (7th round, 232nd overall, in 2010)


Hall of Famers Drafted:

Merlin Olsen – 1st Round (2nd Overall), 1962 (Also drafted in 1st Round - 3rd overall – in the NFL Draft by the Los Angeles Rams.)
Bob Brown - 1st Round (1st overall), 1964 (Also drafted in 1st Round – 2nd overall – in NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles.)
Paul Krause – 12th Round (89th overall), 1964 (Also drafted in the 2nd Round – 18th overall – of the NFL Draft by the Washington Redskins.)
Bob Hayes – 14th Round (105th overall), 1964 (Also drafted in 7th Round - 88th overall – in NFL Draft by the Dallas Cowboys.)
Dick Butkus – 2nd Round, 1965 (Also drafted 1st Round - 3rd overall – in NFL Draft by the Chicago Bears.)
Floyd Little - 1st Round (6th overall), 1967
Shannon Sharpe – 7th Round (192 overall), 1990


First Overall Pick in the NFL Draft:

• None

Floyd Little
Riley Odoms Shannon Sharpe
Did you know?
This year marks just the sixth time in modern draft history (since 1967) that the Broncos will make a top 10 pick. They can only hope they select as well as they did during that first AFL-NFL Draft in '67 when they drafted Syracuse RB Floyd Little sixth overall.

Little's star power helped save pro football in Denver. His stellar career was finally recognized when he was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame last year.

The other Broncos draft choices taken among the first 10 picks of the draft since 1967 include TE Riley Odoms (5th overall, 1972); RB Otis Armstrong (9th overall, 1973); G Chris Hinton (4th overall, 1983); LB Mike Croel (4th overall, 1991).



"That's certainly not Division I football, but he's caught an awful lot of passes. He's a big receiver. He looks more like a linebacker. He doesn't have great speed, but he's got quickness."

Broncos coach Dan Reeves shared those thoughts about tight end Shannon Sharpe who was selected by Denver in 7th round out of Savannah State in 1990. At the time, Sharpe was receiving more fanfare for being the brother of Green Bay Packers receiver Sterling Sharpe.

Of course, as history unfolded, Shannon went on to rewrite the NFL record book for tight ends and retired with more catches, yards, and touchdowns than any other tight end to that point. He will be formally enshrined into the Hall of Fame in August.



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Denver Broncos
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  • Steve Ortega - June 07 2011 11:01 PM

    I have been a Denver Broncos "Hard to Die" Follower, since 1968. I think it's a shame that the NFL Football Hall of Fame Commitee has over looked, who I believe is the Greatest Linebacker in NFL History. You can talk about the Dick Butkuses, Jack Lamberts and Lawrence Taylors all you want. But then you get right down to the statisical aspects of the game, covering a minimum of a ten year career. No other Linebacker in NFL History, even comes close to the acomplishment that Randy Gradishar has set, as the finest Tackler, to dawn a uniform on the Gridiron. How can I say this??? Well my giant sponge finger friend, lets take a look a few numbers. Randy Gradishar is the only NFL player to ever accumulate over 2000 tackles in a 10 year career. Averaging over 200 tackles a season. To put that in sports term perspective, that's like Oscar Robertson, unbelievable feat of averaging nearly a Triple Double for his career. If anyone can prove me Wrong, Please summit your statitical findings to add a comment,

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  • sunny118dollars - April 27 2011 09:23 PM

    i am so depressed! but i really love the good but cheap jersey!

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