Longest runs from scrimmage, by team

Running back Bobby Rainey took a handoff on the second play of Tampa Bay’s Week 14 win over the Buffalo Bills and raced 80 yards to open the day’s scoring. The play was not only the fastest score in Buccaneers history but Rainey’s touchdown was the franchise’s longest run from scrimmage.

It broke the previous mark held since 2004 by Michael Pittman who had a 78-yarder against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Rainey is the only player in 2013 who has set his team’s record for longest run from scrimmage.

Here is the current list of longest runs and the record holders for each of the 32 NFL clubs. All of these runs were touchdowns except for two. (Updated through Week 14 of 2013 season)

^ Non-scoring; * NFL record

Buffalo Bills 94 O.J. Simpson (vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, Oct. 29, 1972)
Miami Dolphins 77 Leroy Harris (vs. Baltimore Colts, Dec. 5, 1977) & Keith Byars (vs. Dallas Cowboys, Nov. 25, 1993)
New England Patriots 85 Larry Garron (vs. Buffalo Bills, Oct. 22, 1961)
New York Jets 90^ Johnny Johnson (vs. Chicago Bears, Sept. 25, 1994)
Baltimore Ravens 82 Le'Ron McClain (vs. Dallas Cowboys, Dec. 20, 2008) & Jamal Lewis (vs. Cleveland Browns, Sept. 14, 2003)
Cincinnati Bengals 96 Corey Dillon (vs. Detroit Lions, Oct. 28, 2001)
Cleveland Browns 90 Bobby Mitchell (vs. Washington Redskins, Nov. 15, 1959)
Pittsburgh Steelers 97 Bobby Gage (vs. Chicago Bears, Dec. 4, 1949)
Houston Texans 81 Justin Forsett (vs. Detroit Lions, Nov. 22, 2012)
Indianapolis Colts 80 Tom Matte (vs. St. Louis Cardinals, Oct. 12, 1964) & Donald Brown (vs. Tennessee Titans, Dec. 18, 2011)
Jacksonville Jaguars 80 Fred Taylor (vs. Carolina Panthers, Dec. 9, 2007) & Maurice Jones-Drew (vs. Tennessee Titans, Nov. 1, 2009)
Tennessee Titans 94 Chris Johnson (vs. New York Jets, Dec. 17, 2012)
Denver Broncos 82 Gene Mingo (vs. Oakland Raiders, Oct. 5, 1962)
Kansas City Chiefs 91 Jamaal Charles (vs. New Orleans Saints, Sept. 24, 2012)
Oakland Raiders 92 Bo Jackson (vs. Cincinnati Bengals, Nov. 5, 1989)
San Diego Chargers 87 Paul Lowe (vs. Dallas Texans, Sept. 10, 1961)
Dallas Cowboys 99* Tony Dorsett (vs. Minnesota Vikings, Jan. 3, 1983)
New York Giants 95 Tiki Barber (vs. Oakland Raiders, Dec. 31, 2005)
Philadelphia Eagles 91 Herschel Walker (vs. Atlanta Falcons, Nov. 27, 1994)
Washington Redskins 88 Billy Wells (vs. Chicago Cardinals, Nov. 21, 1954)
Chicago Bears 86 Bill Osmanski (vs. Chicago Cardinals, Oct. 15, 1939)
Detroit Lions 96 Bob Hoernschemeyer (vs. New York Yanks, Nov. 23, 1950)
Green Bay Packers 98 Ahman Green (vs. Denver Broncos, Dec. 28, 2003)
Minnesota Vikings 95 Chester Taylor (vs. Seattle Seahawks, Oct. 22, 2006)
Atlanta Falcons 90 Warrick Dunn (vs. New York Giants, Oct. 15, 2006)
Carolina Panthers 77^ DeAngelo Williams (vs. Arizona Cardinals, Nov. 1, 2009)
New Orleans Saints 79 George Rogers (vs. Cleveland Browns, Oct. 18, 1981)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 80 Bobby Rainey (vs. Buffalo, Dec. 8, 2013)
Arizona Cardinals 83 John David Crow (vs. Washington Redskins, Oct. 4, 1958)
San Francisco 49ers 96 Garrison Hearst (vs. New York Jets, Sept. 6, 1998)
Seattle Seahawks 88 Shaun Alexander (vs. Oakland Raiders, Nov. 11, 2001; vs. Arizona Cardinals, Nov. 6, 2005)
St. Louis Rams 92 Kenny Washington (vs. Chicago Cardinals, Nov. 2, 1947)

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