Fact or Fiction? Oorang Indians Were An NFL Team


The early years of the National Football League were filled with numerous teams coming and going. One particular franchise was the Oorang Indians. The team, sponsored by a dog kennel that sold Airedale puppies, competed in the NFL for two seasons (1922-23).

Oorang, which hailed from LaRue, Ohio, featured a lineup consisting of all American Indian players. Despite the fact that the roster included two future Hall of Famers, the legendary Jim Thorpe and halfback Joe Guyon, the Indians mustered just three wins over the two seasons they existed. The team played all of its games, but one, on the road.

Possibly the most entertaining moment in the team’s history came when one its players, Long Time Sleep, wrestled a bear as part of halftime entertainment!

As a reward for you if you answered today’s quiz correctly, here’s a bit of trivia you can win a friendly wager with or simply impress your family and friends.

What do the following have in common? Orange Tornadoes, Cleveland Indians, Detroit Wolverines, Kenosha Maroons, and Milwaukee Badgers?

Like the Oorang Indians, the aforementioned teams all were, at one time, members of the National Football League!

Want more? Here are a couple of pages on Profootballhof.com that can provide you with more insight about today’s topic. Oorang Indians | List of All-Time NFL franchises

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