Tim McGraw and Class of 2016 Ready To Take The Stage


Country music icon Tim McGraw and members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2016 will step on stage at Tom Benson Hall of Fame stadium this Friday and Saturday in front of a national audience. Fans however won’t see the labor of love that went into building this magnificent stage.
Joel Swenson, at WLW Entertainment who has helped booked Aerosmith and Tim McGraw, was retained by Executive Producer George Veras as the production manager, overseeing the massive load in and load out for the  production for Friday and Saturday night’s extravaganzas. Swenson prides himself of being a traffic cop while working on the Hall of Fame’s staff, including Vice President of Operations Kevin Shiplett
Along with the task of directing everyone and ensuring that production is moving at a timely rate, Swenson and crew will have their hands full after Brett Favre is enshrined into the 2016 Class of the Pro Football Fame of Fame.


“After the Enshrinement we have to do something that is amazing,” said Swenson. “We have to dismantle this whole production that includes the stage and flooring because we have to get ready for a professional NFL preseason football game.”
“We’ll start at 10:30 PM,” further explained Swenson. “By 8 AM we have to hand the keys to the field over to the NFL, so they can begin prepping the field for an 8 PM kickoff.”

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