UBU Sports, the official turf provider for Hall of Fame Village, is putting the finishing touches on the installation of three high performance fields for this summer. In all, UBU Sports will provide the playing surfaces for 11 fields as part of the Hall of Fame Village, a nearly $500 million development of the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s campus.

UBU Sports is currently installing the UBU-Speed Series-S5-M surface in Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium and two fields as part of the National Football & Youth Sports Complex. The surfaces will be completed by mid-June.

“UBU Sports is honored to be associated with the Hall of Fame,” UBU Sports CEO & Owner Mark Nicholls stated. “The Hall of Fame is dedicated to player safety and preserving the legacy of the game, two important initiatives that UBU Sports is passionate about.”

The company currently has fields in stadiums or practice facilities of 14 NFL teams. Known for the highest overall surface quality, UBU Sports surfaces feature superior fiber technology that maximize player safety and enhance athlete performance as they compete on the fields.

UBU Sports will provide a total of 11 playing fields in HOF Village by 2018. They include Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium and eight playing surfaces for the National Youth & Sports Complex. Two other fields, one indoor and one outdoors, will be part of Performance Center, a key component to The Center for EXCELLENCE that is slated to be completed in May 2018.

“The Hall of Fame and Hall of Fame Village are honored to partner with UBU Sports for all turf at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, the Hall of Fame National Football & Youth Sports Complex and the Hall of Fame Performance Center. After reviewing five nationally respected providers of synthetic turf, we selected UBU Sports for having the highest quality and safest product," Hall of Fame President David Baker shared.

All of the fields at Hall of Fame Village will be NFL grade surfaces. The surface for Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium is the relocated field from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

“It matters what athletes play on, and not all surfaces are created equal. I respect the performance analysis process that the Hall of Fame went through,” Nicholls continued. “The Hall of Fame representatives placed a premium on selecting the surface that would enhance player performance and maximize player safety. They never wavered from their focus, and in demonstrating their dedication to excellence, I immediately knew these are the type of leaders we want to be partners with.”

Hall of Fame Village is one of UBU’s largest projects.

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