Warren Moon Keeping Busy This Spring


moon-spring-400Gold Jacket Warren Moon is keeping himself busy this spring. Moon will begin filming for the exciting new exhibit called “Game for Life,” on April 27. The exhibit is set to open this summer.
The “Game for Life” Hologram Theater Show at the Hall of Fame will transport you into a sacred space where the Legends come to life. The Game For Life is a spectacular holographic immersive artistry experience for the entire family!  Enter the locker room with some of the greatest football players ever such as Joe Namath, Jim Brown and many others. Hear their stories … be inspired … share their secrets ... be amazed ... look into their hearts and find your own ... A spectacular exclusive sound, light and magical show.
Shortly after he finishes with his filming for the exhibit, Moon will travel across the Pacific Ocean to Juneau, Alaska to speak at the Rotary Club for the Pillars of America luncheon at Centennial Hall.
This will only be his third visit to the state.
“I was really impressed by the natural beauty of the place. I just didn’t realize how beautiful it was up there, and the people were so friendly, and great seafood, which I love. ... There was no question I would come back,” Moon told JuneauEmpire.com.

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