Artist Jared Emerson Paints Marcus Allen from Memory With Fingers

Artist Jared Emerson Paints Marcus Allen from Memory With Fingers

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Jared Emerson always wanted to be a professional athlete, but instead he followed another talent he had – painting. Now he gets to combine two of his passions, art and sports, in his career.
Emerson grew up watching Gold Jacket Marcus Allen play football and on Friday his dream came true when he was able to work with one of his childhood icons. Emerson painted a picture of Allen after a chalk talk event in front of a crowd at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
“It was unbelievable…For me, it’s an honor to be here at the Pro Football Hall of Fame [and] also with an incredible athlete like himself,” shared Emerson
It wasn’t a traditional painting however. Instead of using brushes, he used his fingers. He also did it from memory.
“You know me I just come out and throw paint around and hopefully create these guys in a certain way that represents them,” explained Emerson
Emerson has painted many celebrities, musicians and athletes, including Gold Jacket Jerry Rice, but this was one of the most exciting things he’s done in his career. It was also one of the most unique places he has ever painted at.
As an artist, Emerson believes art in everything including football.
“There’s a finesse and grace to the movement of the game of football.”

Watch the incredible video below of him painting Allen:

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