Bernie Kosar Almost a Viking

Bernie Kosar Almost a Viking

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The pin below that has “Kosar The Viking” printed on it is currently being preserved in the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s archives.


Football fans know Bernie Kosar went on to have a successful career with the Cleveland Browns, but during the 1985 NFL Draft he almost became a Minnesota Viking.

The Vikings desperately wanted Kosar going into the draft. The Buffalo Bills had the number one overall pick in which they selected Gold Jacket Bruce Smith. The Vikings held the number three overall pick but traded up to the Houston Oilers spot at number two to pick Kosar. Vikings fans were excited about the move and made the pins above.

Kosar however, was not excited about it. He wanted to play for the Browns and decided to opt into the Supplemental Draft to avoid the Vikings. The Browns traded with Buffalo for the first overall pick in the Supplemental Draft and selected Kosar.

The moves ended up working out for both teams. Kosar went on to lead the Browns to multiple AFC Championship appearances and the Vikings traded down to the number four overall pick and selected future Gold Jacket Chris Doleman.

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