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Pete Fierle, Manager - Digital Media/Communications
Pete's familiarity with the game's history is a result of spending two decades surrounded by the world's largest collection of pro football information. His many duties include overseeing the Hall's website as well as the day-to-day operation of the Ralph Wilson, Jr. Pro Football Research and Preservation Center.

Where’s my football?

Feb 16, 2012
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Personally, this is a tough time of year for me now that the NFL season is over. I’m not much of a basketball or baseball fan and I’m a hockey fan living in Ohio (which has its challenges). So, I’m really quite deprived of my sports “fix.” I wandered aimlessly through last weekend and was just happy as can be to start my work week so I could again engulf myself in football again!

One of the tasks accomplished this week was a piece for our website that recounts some of the great moments from the 2011 NFL Season. Give it a read and then leave a comment with what you thought was the most historic footnote to the NFL’s history that occurred in 2011.
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