Brett Favre Excited to Come to Enshrinement

Brett Favre Excited to Come to Enshrinement

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Legendary Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre has had time since February to reflect on his election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The day after his election, Favre imagined what it will be like to put on the iconic Gold Jacket for the first time during the Gold Jacket Dinner that kicks off Enshrinement Weekend on Thursday, Aug. 4.

“It’s a special feeling, but it won’t feel any different than it did when I put a uniform on for the first time and actually went out and played versus the last game I ever played. I never put the uniform on and thought nahh it’s just old hat,” explained Favre. “Every touchdown I threw, every time I put the uniform on…it still meant can you believe this. And most of the time I was like no… It was something I always dreamed of doing and when it came true it was like pinching myself still didn’t make it real and I think the Gold Jacket will be [like that]. At some point will I say that’s just my Gold Jacket I’m just part of the group… I say that with all due respect because it’s that special and sacred.”

His feelings haven’t changed. In fact, he can feel the excitement building.

He recently admitted to ESPN that the anticipation is growing for his induction in August.

“It will be emotional,” Favre told ESPN. “I feel the, I don’t know if it’s pressure but there’s more anxiety -- in a good way. I think in my case and probably for all the guys who have gone before you, you want to express yourself in a way that people can understand and express your gratitude but also thank the people who are most important. You only get one shot, and so when it’s over, I don’t want to be one of those [who forgets someone] because I played 20 years and there’s a lot of people that are important to me -- players and non-players -- so I’m looking forward to it."

Football fans across the country can relate to the feeling. Many are gearing up to head to Canton in August for the Enshrinement Festival and to visit the Hall of Fame where they can see artifacts on display from Favre and other Heroes of the Game. Tickets are still available to tour the museum and fans will have the opportunity to see the “A Game for Life” holographic theatre that is set to open in July. Purchase tickets now>>>

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