Educational Program Livestream: HOF Mission, Vision, Values

Educational Program Livestream: HOF Mission, Vision, Values

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As part of a joint effort with museums in Stark and Tuscarawas Counties looking to provide educational opportunities, we are joining to present content for teachers, parents and students every Friday afternoon.

So far, the Hall of Fame Youth and Education team has covered topics from “Careers in the NFL” to “Movement and Motion” to the “History of the NFL Draft.”

This Friday, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is proud to present a 30-minute Educational Program focused on something the Hall of Fame truly believes in – its Mission, Vision and Values. As you will learn during this session, the Pro Football Hall of Fame believes whole-heartedly that the Mission, Vision and Values go beyond the game of football. They not only make good athletes great, and good people great; they make great athletes excellent and great people excellent.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame wants to use these three items to show how important the Game of football is to those who play or watch it and how this Game, along with any other sport or activity, can teach those who are involved important life lessons. The Mission, Vision and Values of the Hall of Fame show that it doesn’t take being a great football player to leave an impact on someone. The Hall of Fame uses its museum, Hall of Famers and values the Game teaches to leave an impact for those who are the future of this entire world – all using the Game of football to do so.

This video is part of an Educational video series created by the Hall of Fame’s Youth and Education Department for parents, teachers and students to help further their education from home or the classroom.

To view the other videos, as well as videos from the acclaimed Heart of a Hall of Famer program powered by Extreme Networks, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr2IyYPqCSlfOLcYtA6XNsA


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