Experience The Game Up Close in The Hall of Fame’s Super Bowl Theater

Experience The Game Up Close in The Hall of Fame’s Super Bowl Theater

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Come to the Pro Football Hall of Fame today and experience an adrenaline rush like never before!
Witness the new and improved production “Road to the Super Bowl”, a smashing recap of the 2015 NFL Season.
From jaw dropping hits, to spectacular one-handed catches and electrifying touchdown runs are waiting for you inside the Super Bowl Theater, located in the Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery.
“It’s as close to the game as you can get without being there,” said Executive Vice President of Museum Joe Horrigan. “This experience will bring the full force of NFL football in the lap of the visitor like it can’t be experienced anywhere else.”
The Hall of Fame’s Super Bowl Theater is a state-of-the-art auditorium that features a massive 40-plus foot screen and 15-channel surround sound that allows guests to feel the thunderous, knockout hits through their bodies.

After fans' appetites are met from memorable moments of the 2015 NFL season, the theater rotates 180 degrees where the gripping action of Super Bowl 50 unfolds right before your eyes.
“The theater is designed for a total immersive experience,” replied Horrigan. “So that you can feel it, hear it and see it as if you were there.”
Once the confetti has fallen and the Vince Lombardi Trophy is hoisted, viewers will leave the HOF’s theater fired up for more mouthwatering action.
“It’s the physical imprint of the game that is going to be preserved here as a part of The Pro Football Hall of Fame’s mission,” concluded Horrigan.
“Road to the Super Bowl” receives rave reviews:
“I’m a Broncos fan, it was awesome! Coming from a background in cinematography, I loved the editing. It was great, it got me excited, I felt like I was watching the Super Bowl all over again.” Ken Hurley --- Columbus Grove, Ohio.
“It was a cool experience, I felt like I was close to the game and it lived up to its expectations.” David Wink --- Bowling Green, Ohio.
“It was an awesome experience for me and my son who are huge Bronco fans. It absolutely met our expectations and more! My son felt like he was on the sidelines.” Elijah Kaplen --- Denver, Colo.

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