Hanging Out With Dad at the HOF

Hanging Out With Dad at the HOF

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The Father’s Day celebration continued on Saturday, as the Pro Football Hall of Fame welcomed over 1,000 guests for the annual Day out with Dad event.
Families had the opportunity to enjoy themselves at an exclusive Hall of Fame Character Camp that promoted the values of the game led by Gold Jackets Anthony Muñoz and Jim Kelly and their families.

“Today is a great opportunity to talk with the kids and make them realizes that it’s not always about football,” said Kelly. “It’s about life too and the people that you surround yourself with and for the young kids, that’s what I try to stress.”
Whether it was learning how to throw a football from Kelly or learning the fundamentals of blocking from Muñoz, dads and families walked away with a lifetime of memories.
“We’re going to teach football and run them through some drills,” said Munoz. “But when it’s all said and done the character part is what really motivates us. If these young men and women that are out here with their dads, can go away with some of the nuggets of character and team building, I think we have accomplished our goal.”
Not only did campers get to relish the day out with their dads, but for Michael Munoz and Erin Kelly they too had a blast hanging with their fathers and sharing words of wisdom that has been pasted down.
“I think the best piece of advice my dad has given me is just to stay humble and work hard,” said Michael. “My dad is humility personified and I really appreciate that. This is something that I’m trying to demonstrate to my kids.”

“Yes…my dad taught me how to throw a football,” added a joking Erin. “Which I think is a necessity as a Kelly. But he taught me some much more about being a leader and your character off the field.”

After a great day of working out and learning the principles of the game, campers were then treated to a tour of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. A nice cherry on top, that completed a fantastic day of celebrating dads and football.

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