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This week's featured artifact is a helmet worn by Don Paul of the Chicago Cardinals from the 1950s. Paul was a defensive back, halfback and kick returner for the Cardinals from 1950-1953 and the Cleveland Browns from 1954-1958. He was as four-time Pro Bowler (1954, 1956-1958) and was primarily known for skills as a defensive back. He recorded 34 interceptions during his NFL career. The Cardinals wore these plain red helmets periodically from 1948-1958.

The Cardinals are the oldest professional football team in the world. Their history began as the Morgan Athletic Club in 1899 in Chicago, IL. The team later became known as the Racine Cardinals, named after a street in Chicago where their home stadium was located. They joined the NFL in 1920 under that name, but sometime during that season they became the Chicago Cardinals.

During World War II the team briefly merged with the Pittsburgh Steelers. In 1960 the team moved to St. Louis. In 1988 the team moved yet again to Phoenix, AZ. Initially they were known as the Phoenix Cardinals but in 1994 they changed their name to the now, Arizona Cardinals.

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