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This black jersey was worn by the player "Nicolucci" in the 1999 movie, "Any Given Sunday". In the movie, a player can be seen wearing the jersey in games versus Minnesota and California.

The movie directed by Oliver Stone is about a fictional professional football team called the Miami Sharks. The story centers around a 30-year veteran coach played by Al Picano who is struggling to get his team into the playoffs and feuds with the owner (played by Cameron Diaz) when his veteran quarterback (played by Dennis Quaid) goes down with an injury.

The second-string quarterback becomes injured as well and Pacino has to turn to a raw young third string quarterback (played by Jammie Fox) who rallies the team to make the playoffs, but doesn’t follow Pacino’s play calling and causes issues with the team due to his off the field problems.

The movie featured cameos from several Pro Football Hall of Famers including Dick Butkus, Johnny Unitas, Lawrence Taylor and Jim Brown. The movie opened to mixed reviews, but ended up grossing $100M  worldwide. The budget for this film was $55M.

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