HOF Pays Tribute to Suzanne Mitchell

HOF Pays Tribute to Suzanne Mitchell

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The director who was in charge of taking the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders global, Suzanne Mitchell died last Tuesday at her home in Fredericksburg, Texas at the age of 73.
A former administrative assistant to Tex Schramm, the Cowboy’s first president, general manager and Hall of Famer. Mitchell was tasked with managing the cheerleaders after a young dancer was captured winking suggestively and uncharacteristically into the camera during the 1976 Super Bowl.
Mitchell went onto doubling the size of the squad, change the uniforms to more of a skimpy new costume, recruiting a choreographer, Texie Waterman; and created what would become a pop culture phenomenon.
She was ahead of her time, a new era in sports entertainment, branding and marketing had begun. The Cowboy Cheerleaders were declared the “most famous group of cheerleaders in the world” by Edward J. Rielly in his “Football: An Encyclopedia of Popular Culture” (2009).
Mitchell remained as a part of the Cowboys family, as the director of cheerleaders from 1976 until the team was bought by Jerry Jones in 1989.

Even though she was far from football, Mitchell remained in touch with some of her former cheerleaders, who would remind her that she had succeeded in transforming the aspirations of many a young woman.

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