HOF Village partners with Crestline and Bruce Smith on Hotel-Conference Center

HOF Village partners with Crestline and Bruce Smith on Hotel-Conference Center

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Hall of Fame Village, LLC, a partnership between the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Industrial Realty Group, has reached an agreement with Crestline Hotels & Resorts, LLC to have Crestline co-develop and manage an upper upscale hotel in Hall of Fame Village. Hall of Famer Bruce Smith (Class of 2009) is also collaborating in the property that will be a key anchor to the Hall of Fame Village project, a $500 million development on the Hall of Fame’s campus that got underway this past September.
“Hall of Fame Village will be a world class destination and our partnership with a leading hospitality management company is evidence of the high quality planned for the village,” David Baker, President of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, stated. “It is also gratifying to have a hero of the game like Bruce Smith as a teammate in this project. He represents all of the Hall’s values of commitment, integrity, courage, respect and excellence, and brings a great level of talent and expertise to this wonderful project.”
“We are excited about the progress at Hall of Fame Village and bringing on Crestline to manage the Hotel & Conference Center and Bruce Smith to be its ambassador,” said Stu Lichter, President of Industrial Realty Group. “The hotel is a key element in the next phase of development at the project.”
Crestline Hotels & Resorts is one of the country’s leading and largest independent hospitality management companies. Crestline expects to announce a national flag for the estimated $100 million luxury four-star hotel and conference center in the coming months. Construction will begin on the football-themed property, which will include approximately 250 guest rooms and suites, early next fall with a planned opening in the summer of 2018. Bruce Smith Enterprise LLC is a partner in several other Crestline hotels.
“We are absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to manage this beautiful new hotel which will surely become a landmark for events at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. We are committed to supporting and promoting the rich heritage of this prestigious organization and are excited to bring Pro Football Hall of Famer, Bruce Smith, as our ambassador/partner for the hotel.  We are dedicated to providing an excellent guest experience, but equally as important – ensuring a warm and gracious welcome for the entire Pro Football organization and Canton community,” said James Carroll, President & CEO of Crestline Hotels & Resorts.


“I am honored and extremely enthused to partner in this choice hotel which will further elevate the Pro Football Hall of Fame by eminently servicing the needs of its distinguished members and devoted fans. As a proud Hall of Famer, and frequent participant in its ceremonies and events, I am delighted to have the unique opportunity to utilize my expertise as a real-estate developer to help create a more pleasurable and luxurious experience for the enshrined and the legions of enthusiasts who journey to Canton to celebrate the Game and its Heroes,” shared Smith.

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