The Pro Football Hall of Fame launched a new video player, titled “HOF VPlayer,” on its website, The project was led by the HOF Productions team to make the Hall’s website more user friendly so fans can seamlessly watch the Hall’s exclusive and rich content.

“The new video player, ‘HOF VPlayer,’ is a major step in expanding HOF Channel, launched last year, for fans to view the Hall’s exclusive and high-quality video programming,” stated the Hall’s Executive Producer George Veras.

The new capabilities allow for the Hall’s website to host thousands of videos produced by HOF Productions and can include multiple videos on a single webpage. It will also allow others to embed the Hall’s videos on any website.

Hall of Fame Director of Digital & Social Media Jason Rentner led the eight-month project in collaboration with the Hall’s website provider The initiative includes the ability to upload and play 4K videos, a redesign, conversion of files to MP4s, as well as the programming and testing of the new video player.

Video content is the fastest growing driver of the Hall’s rapid growth across its social media platforms.