Huddle Up America: GamePlan USA

Huddle Up America: GamePlan USA

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The Pro Football Hall of Fame is always open for inspiration.

Today the Hall of Fame’s campus became home to 500 American flags through its Huddle Up America program, via the generous support of Flags of Freedom. This will serve as a sign of unity to bring all Americans together especially during this time where being together as a team is needed more than ever.

In 2017 the Hall launched “Huddle Up America." The campaign uses football analogies for people to learn to work together as a team, giving up their individual goals for the greater good of the team, no matter how big. Issues that are important to our families, communities and country. There is never a better time or need for “huddling up" than right now. To stand for our flag. To stand for “free speech.” Rather than divide, we can unite. Instead of tearing people down, we will build them up. Instead of spreading fear, anger and hate; we can, and will, inspire hope, trust and love.

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The Hall is the home to the greatest 346 who ever played or contributed to the game of football. The Gold Jackets are probably the most revered and respective sports icons in America. They will tell you that they are in Canton not just because of their teammates, but because of the community and family support and the love of the fans.

Many thanks to Flags of Freedom founder Steve Toohey along with Matt Allen, PFHOF VP of Operations & Facilities - Kevin Shiplett, HOF Director of Event Operations - Nick Stilianos and Canton Public Health Commissioner - Jim Adams for coordinating this effort within the COVID-19 State of Ohio Guidelines. In addition, thanks to Vincent Lighting Systems for providing the lighting to illuminate the Hall’s dome in red, white and blue, as well as for installing two search lights to enhance the display.

The Hall of Fame and its important Mission to “Honor the Heroes of the Game, Preserve its History, Promote its Values and Celebrate Excellence EVERYWHERE!”


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