International Museum Day - May 18th

International Museum Day - May 18th

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The International Council of Museums has organized an International Museum Day every year since its creation in 1977. The objective of International Museum Day is to raise awareness on the fact “museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples.” Organized each year on or around May 18, the events and activities planned to celebrate International Museum Day can last a day, a weekend or a whole week.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is the only North American major sports museum accredited by the prestigious American Alliance of Museums standards of excellence. Only 3% of all museums are accredited. The Hall was voted by USA Today readers as the No. 1 sports attraction for visitors in 2018. A recent survey of the Hall’s visitors show that fans’ expectations are more satisfied by the Hall against all other museums. 

Today (5/18) is International Museum Day. The Pro Football Hall of Fame kicks off this week with a video feature from when the Hall of Fame was built in 1963. Celebrate every day this week with great moments of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Monday (5/11):

The celebration at the Hall when we were announced as the No. 1 sports attraction in America.

Tuesday (5/12):

The arrival of the donation of the original John Madden Cruiser.

Wednesday (5/13):

The opening of the new Ford Hall of Fans exhibit, where fans can record a video on why they should be nominated for the Ford Hall of Fans.

Thursday (5/14):

Debut of the Hall’s “Game for Life” holographic theater with an exclusive interview from Commissioner Roger Goodell on his experience.

Friday (5/15):

Every year on the day after Thanksgiving the Hall is open for Free Kids Friday. This event is attended by thousands and includes kid-friendly museum attractions.

Saturday (5/16):

The Hall has many special programs. This will feature a look back at the best of our Veteran’s Day programs.

Sunday (5/17):

HOF President & CEO David Baker annually presents each year's Super Bowl trophy and places it on display at the Hall. It is one of the most popular artifacts for photo ops with our visitors.

Monday - International Museum Day (5/18):

Exclusive video, previously unpublished, showing “The Building of the Pro Football Hall of Fame”

Tuesday (5/19)

Heart of the Hall of Famer powered by Extreme Networks. A virtual classroom program for thousands of students featuring Hall of Famers and other special guests.

Wednesday (5/20)

A look at the 2014 expansion at the Hall of Fame including the Ralph Wilson Research and Preservation Center which houses millions of photos and documents as well as thousands of other artifacts.

Thursday (5/21)

Every year the incoming HOF Class visits the Hall for the first time to prepare for Enshrinement Week Powered by Johnson Controls.

Friday (5/22)

Gridiron Glory Traveling Exhibit: A 6,000 square-foot museum exhibit develop by the Hall to travel around the country.


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