Jones Brings the "Juice" to Canton

Jones Brings the "Juice" to Canton

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Dallas Cowboys Owner, President & General Manager Jerry Jones brought the “juice” to Canton on Wednesday.

Jones was invited to Canton by Hall of Fame President David Baker to be the honoree and featured speaker of the 102nd Annual Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner before a crowd of 1,400 people. As chairman of the NFL’s Pro Football Hall of Fame Committee, Jones made a visit to the Hall prior to the event to catch up on the progress of Hall of Fame Village

The dynamic owner was greeted by applause from the entire Hall of Fame staff. He then took time to be shown the new construction for the "Game for Life" holographic theater.

“I just thank you for all the work,” Jones commented. “We all appreciate what’s in the past, but we know we are looking to the future and I’m so excited, so excited about the effort that’s going on here. And that’s being projected through intangible things for the future.”

Jones shared that the secret to building a successful franchise or business is creating a sustainable economy or “juice” as he calls it.

One die-hard Cowboys fan who was visiting the museum that day was able to meet Jones, who happens to be one of her icons.

After several years of planning a trip to Canton, Cheryl Slemmons and her husband finally pulled the trigger and booked a trip to Northeast Ohio. The couple left Dallas at 3 AM on Wednesday and flew into Cleveland. From there, they rented a car and drove down to Canton to visit the Hall.

Cheryl was in the Hall’s Museum Store while her husband was checking out an exhibit when she happened to notice Jones in the lobby. She ventured over and stepped in line to meet and talk with the Cowboys owner.

“It was really exciting. Jerry has done a lot for Dallas. He’s, of course, built up our team, developed an entire new stadium, which is gorgeous, and is building a new training center. He’s done a tremendous amount for Dallas that way,” Slemmons explained. “And also, he does a lot of philanthropic things for the city. I can’t thank him enough. Him and his family.”

The diehard fan used to be a Cowboys season ticket holder, but still makes sure she makes it to a game every year.

Slemmons, like Jones, hopes this is the year that the Cowboys bring another Vince Lombardi Trophy to Dallas. 

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