Maestro Swann

Maestro Swann

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The University of Southern California is known for many things - among them football. From their fight song to their Trojan mascot and cardinal and gold colors, USC is full of rich traditions. Did you know that Gold Jacket Lynn Swann helped originate a USC football tradition while he played football for them?

Swann thought he could not only handle playing football for the university, but also direct the school’s famous marching band.  After petitioning the band director, Swann was given the opportunity on a Friday after football practice. Swann never relinquished the role and continued to lead the marching band in USC's battle cry "Conquest!" every Friday before a game until he graduated. 

That tradition developed since the Gold Jacket left the university. Now after every home game, a football captain grabs the mascot’s sword and directs the marching band in “Conquest” in front of the student section.  Listen to Swann explain the full story below.

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