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"I prepare myself to play every week, regardless of the pain or whatever...I don't prepare for the week after. What's in front of me is what I've got."

“You have to believe you can do it. I think it’s just discipline, the little details of football…communication…If you're not on top of your stuff, they'll expose you.”

“I'm always fighting to make the team…I'm always preparing like I'm one of the bottom guys, trying to make the team.”





“It's really a good story for us. And, hopefully, it doesn't end without a happy ending.”

"I want us to be number 1 in everything."

“I’m doing what I really want to do. I bought the Broncos because I have a great deal of love for the sport and the people involved in it. It’s what I want to do for the rest of my life.”





“The first thing we had to do was understand what a football player was made of. We’d look at things like strength, explosion, competitiveness, agility and balance. Then…We had to put a value on what we were looking for.”

“I was very fortunate to be with the Cowboys and in the state of Texas because football is so revered here.”

“If you don’t have good scouts, you’re not going to make much use of the computer.”

“The computer doesn’t do anything a human can’t do; it’s just that it saves so much time.”

“Some people know the president of Eastern Airlines, but it’s good to know the guy at the gate because he gets you on a plane.”





“That's what football has always taught me. On the football field, you're going to be afraid. Adversity is going to come towards you. You can't run from it.”

“Life takes off on the other side of fear…that's where you want to go…the only way you get good…is to put yourself in that uncomfortable situation.”

“He [God] blessed me…He gave me my heart, my determination, and my leadership. That’s why I’m going to make it in the NFL.”





“You're not going to win every battle…being able to accept defeat and learn from it…being able to accept adversity…How am I going to adjust on the fly to do better for myself…every game wasn't perfect. Every season wasn't perfect…but I'm still sitting here as a 2019 Hall of Famer…Consistency was the key.” 

“Where I come from, if you don't love the game of football you better move…We played baseball; we played basketball; we live football.” 





“I just loved playing football. I started playing when I was eight years old, and my goal was to be an NFL player, there was no ‘Plan B’ for me. And, not because I didn’t have a plan, or have other options, I just didn’t want to do anything else.”

“I’m one of the best that ever stepped foot on the green grass, and…I don’t take that lightly, I don’t take it lightly at all. It means I did something that 5 million other people wish they could do, and I did it to the highest level.”





“Football is the ultimate team sport…color didn't matter to do the things we've done.  Not one player on the football field can do it without the other ten guys. There is no GOAT. There is no greatest of all players…It's impossible to say that. Stats don't matter.”

“I mean, I love football, no doubt about it. I was made to do it, created to do it.”

“That's why I played the game the way I played it. I watched those older guys, took lessons from those veterans. I took lessons from my elders outside of football that made me the man I am.” 





“Football is a brotherhood that you will always carry with you…the locker room creates a bond for life.”

“Determination and teamwork…the brotherhood that the team portrays. The brotherhood of football, it doesn't stop. You go up in high schools, you go up in college, and if you're on the team, you got a brotherhood that carries over for a lifetime.”