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'11 Presenters

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Standing alongside the newest enshrinees of the Pro Football Hall of Fame throughout the induction festivities next month will be their presenters. Each of the living members of the Class of 2011 selected an individual who has played an integral role in their life. The group of presenters includes a college coach, two sons, a pair of agents, and a brother.

Class of 2011 Presenters
Richard Dent - Joe Gilliam, former Tennessee State coach
Marshall Faulk - Rocky Arceneaux, Faulk's agent
Chris Hanburger - Chris Hanburger, Hanburger's son
Les Richter – enshrined posthumously. Represented by his son Jon Richter.
Ed Sabol - Steve Sabol, Ed's son
Deion Sanders - Eugene Parker, Deion's agent
Shannon Sharpe - Sterling Sharpe, Shannon's brother & former Green Bay Packers wide receiver

Shannon Sharpe selected his older brother and former long-time NFL wide receiver Sterling Sharpe to serve as his presenter. The selection marks just the fourth time a brother has served in that role. Sterling had a prolific NFL career cut short by injury. He caught 595 passes for 8,134 yards and 65 touchdowns during seven seasons with the Green Bay Packers from 1988-1994.

Chicago Bears defensive end Richard Dent has selected his college coach Joe Gilliam as his presenter. Dent is the first alumnus from Tennessee State to be enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He credits Gilliam, who was Tennessee State's defensive coordinator during Dent's days at the school, for developing his football and life skills that made him successful on and off the football field.

Marshall Faulk and Deion Sanders, both of whom earned election to the Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility, have chosen their agents as their presenters. Rocky Arceneaux will present Faulk while Eugene Parker will do so for Sanders. The only other agents ever to serve as presenters at a Pro Football Hall of Fame induction were Howard Slusher for Mike Haynes in 1997 and Leigh Steinberg for Warren Moon in 2006.

Former Washington Redskins linebacker Chris Hanburger has chosen his son Chris as his presenter while Ed Sabol has selected his son Steve Sabol to present him during next month's festivities. Steve succeeded his father as President of NFL Films in 1985 at which time Ed continued as Chairman through his retirement in 1995.

Jon Richter will represent his late father Les Richter who is being enshrined posthumously.

The group of presenters will take part in the presentation of the gold Hall of Fame jacket to the new enshrinees. That ceremony occurs during the Enshrinees Dinner held on the eve of the Enshrinement.

Then, on Saturday, August 6, the presenters join the new class on stage at the enshrinement. The presenters deliver remarks in a video tribute to their respective Hall of Famer before assisting them in the dramatic unveiling of the enshrinee's bronze bust.

The 2011 Enshrinement Ceremony, televised nationally by ESPN and NFL Network, will be held at Fawcett Stadium on Saturday, August 6 at 7 p.m. ET.

Dewey Selmon Leigh Steinberg Jarrett Payton Daniel Marino
1994 Rafer Johnson for his brother Jimmy
1995 Dewey Selmon for his brother and former Tampa Bay teammate Lee Roy
2010 Bob LeBeau for his brother Dick
1997 Howard Slusher for Mike Haynes
2006 Leigh Steinberg for Warren Moon
1993 Jarrett Payton for Walter
1997 David and Mike Shula for Don
1998 Michael Muñoz for Anthony
1999 Lawrence Taylor, Jr. for Lawrence
2001 Marc Buoniconti for Nick
2002 John Stallworth, Jr. for John
2003 David Lofton for James
2004 Robert Brown, Jr. for Bob
2004 Regis Eller for Carl
2005 Daniel Marino for Dan
2006 Donald Carson for Harry
2006 Jeremy White for Reggie
2008 Jared Green for Darrell
2008 James Monk, Jr. for Art
2008 Derek Thomas for Emmitt
2010 Marc Little for Floyd


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