Chat transcript with Paul Krause

General Published on : 12/22/2000

MODERATOR: Thanks for chatting today, Paul. How are you doing?
Paul Krause: I'm doing fantastic!

packman04: Which quarterbacks stick out in your mind from your career? And what QB's from today would give you trouble?
Paul Krause: I think the quarterbacks of the '60s and '70s total were a lot better than the ones today. If you look at guys like Unitas, Tittle, Jurgensen, etc, it's amazing. The quarterbacks of today don't understand the game like the quarterbacks of yesterday. They don't study the game like the old quarterbacks did. The offensive coordinators make all the calls.

mdawg: Who was the toughest receiver to cover when you played?
Paul Krause: I won't ever say who was tougher than another. However, guys like Charley Taylor and Charlie Sanders were the type of receivers I had trouble with. They would go anywhere on the football field. As for your small, fast receivers, you knew they wouldn't go across the middle because the linebackers would kill them! We basically knew the types of routes they'd run. However, those guys I mentioned were all over the field. Other names I could mention were Harold Carmichael and John Mackey.

sdhsker: Do you stay in contact with your former teammates? I had the opportunity to meet Coach Grant here in Yankton, SD last year, a very nice man.
Paul Krause: Yes, I stay in contact with a lot of them: Wally Hilgenburg, Dave Osborne, Mick Tingelhoff. We talk once in a while and they live near me. Actually, there are about 30 ex-Vikings living in the Minnesota area.

Keith English: I grew up a big "Purple People Eater" fan and always rooted for you guys. Do you have any idea why Carl Eller is not in the Hall Of Fame? 
Paul Krause: I think the Vikings have several football players who should be in the Hall of Fame. We were dominating in the '70s with all the division titles and the four Super Bowls. I also think Mick Tingelhoff and Jim Marshall should be there. And there are several others.

Pete: How emotional was it for you to be enshrined into the Hall of Fame?
Paul Krause: It was very emotional! The fact that you go into the Hall of Fame is everybody's dream come true. This is the highest pinnacle that you can reach and support. When you are recognized as one of the best football players ever, it's fabulous! It's beyond comprehension, really. The interception record I have is still something that amazes me. Nobody has even come close to it! When I look back, I think 'Man, I really did that?'

mdawg: How often do you get back to visit the Hall of Fame?
Paul Krause:
I go every year. Last year, they invited every living Hall of Famer. I think there are over 100. Of course, Lou Groza just died. It's such a great honor, and I go back because I'm in the Hall of Fame and I want to pay my respects to those in there. I just feel that I have to respect the NFL, the spectators and the athletes for that whole weekend.

Buffalo: Hi Paul, I'm wondering what your thoughts are concerning how defensive backs play today when faced with receivers like Randy Moss and Eric Moulds?
Paul Krause: I don't know exactly how to answer this…I was probably faster than a lot of people were back then. Heck, I'm 6'4"! I think a lot of kids today are playing to stop a pass. They don't have faith in their ability and they go for the tackle instead of the ball. You have to realize where your throwing lanes are and where your help is. You have to know where the ball is going! If there's flow a certain way, you have to realize that as a defense. Again, I really don't think a lot of football players today understand what's really going on. They are like robots out there. The coaches tell them what to do and they do it. I really have a problem with coaches who have never played the game! How can a defensive back coach tell a guy how to play when he's never been at the position?

Pete: How disappointing were the losses in the Super Bowl?
Paul Krause:
Of course, everyone wants to win one. The losses were very difficult. We should have won at least two of those. However, we didn't play Purple People Eater-style football in those games. If I knew why, I could write a book and make millions!

mdawg: What's your fondest memory of playing in the NFL?
Paul Krause: Just the fact that I was able to play for 16 years. When I was growing up, I wanted to play baseball but I hurt myself in college. I was All-American at baseball in college! Then I played 16 years in football and really got to put Flint, MI on the map.

packman04: What have you been doing since you retired?
Paul Krause: I've developed a lot of real estate, I own a golf course in Minnesota, I'm a county commissioner in Minnesota…I also play a lot of golf and I love to see my grandkids!

Thanks for attending our chat today. Have a great day!