2005 HOF Weekend in Review

Enshrinement Published on : 1/1/2005


The 2005 Hall of Fame Weekend was bigger than ever.  A record crowd was on hand for the August 7th induction of Benny Friedman, Dan Marino, Fritz Pollard, and Steve Young.  The stadium was sold out the next night as well when the Miami Dolphins and Chicago Bears clashed in the annual AFC-NFC Hall of Fame Game.

Here's the complete recap of the 2005 Enshrinement Celebration:

The Class of 2005
AUDIO: Listen to the August 7th Enshrinement ceremony
Craig Ellenport, NFL.com: History, past and present, on display at enshrinement
NFL Network: Hall of Famers Dan Fouts, Deacon Jones, James Lofton, and Jackie Slater discuss the careers of the Class of 2005. Part 1 | Part 2
Notes and Quotes about the Class of 2005
AUDIO: Jim Kelly's message to Dan Marino and Steve Young
Class of 2005 announced from Jacksonville, Florida
Selection Process: 15 finalists | Semi-finalists | Preliminary Nominees | Senior Nominees

Benny Friedman

Hall of Fame Bio
Enshrinement Speech Transcript
VIDEO: Enshrinement Speech by David Friedman - 56k | 300k
Welcoming Committee: Bill Walsh welcomes Benny Friedman into the Hall of Fame
Feature: Headliner
Hall Recall: Benny Friedman
VIDEO: NFL Films chronicles Benny Friedman's career
PHOTO GALLERY: Benny's career

Dan Marino

Hall of Fame Bio
Enshrinement Speech Transcript
VIDEO: Enshrinement Speech - 56k | 300k
Welcoming Committee: Eric Dickerson welcomes Dan Marino into the Hall of Fame
Feature: 35 miles
Hall Recall: Dan Marino
VIDEO: NFL Films chronicles Dan Marino's career
PHOTO GALLERY: Dan's career

VIDEO: Dan Marino talks about joining the Hall of Fame
Quarterback Class of 1983

Fritz Pollard
Hall of Fame Bio
Enshrinement Speech Transcript
VIDEO: Enshrinement Speech by Steven Towns - 56k | 300k
Welcoming Committee: Art Shell welcomes Fritz Pollard into the Hall of Fame
Feature: Pioneer
VIDEO: NFL Films chronicles Fritz Pollard's career
PHOTO GALLERY: Fritz's career

Steve Young
Hall of Fame Bio
Enshrinement Speech Transcript
VIDEO: Enshrinement Speech - 56k | 300k
Vic Carucci, NFL.com: Young's induction a tribute to endurance
Welcoming Committee: Jim Kelly welcomes Steve Young into the Hall of Fame
Feature: From the shadows
VIDEO: NFL Films chronicles Steve Young's career
PHOTO GALLERY: Steve's career

VIDEO: Steve Young talks to national media
Young family vacation
AUDIO: Bill Walsh on Steve Young
Left-handed QBs


Photo Galleries
  AFC-NFC Hall of Fame Game - The Chicago Bears downed the Miami Dolphins, 27-24, in the 2005 HOF Game.
 Sunday August 7, 2005 - Behind the scenes at the 2005 Enshrinement Ceremony 
 The Class! - Images of the four members of the Class of 2005 on Enshrinement Sunday: Friedman
 |   Marino  |  Pollard  |  Young   
 Saturday August 6, 2005 - Enshrinees past and present arrive in Canton 
 Saturday August 6, 2005 - Final preparations are being made for the arrival of the Class of 2005. 
 First Play 2005  - Over 1,400 children passed a football from downtown Canton, where the NFL was founded, to the front steps of the Hall of Fame.
 Friday August 5, 2005 - NFL Auctions signing session at the Canton Marriott McKinley. 
 Thursday August 4, 2005 - the grounds are near completion for Sunday's enshrinement. 
 Hall of Fame readies for enshrinement - the grounds around the Hall of Fame are coming to life in preparation for "Pro Football's Greatest Weekend."
Class of 2005 in bronze - the bronze busts for Benny Friedman, Dan Marino, Fritz Pollard, and Steve Young have arrived in Canton.
 Class of 2005 on display - many of the Hall's exhibits feature the newest class.


AFC-NFC Hall of Fame Game
Bears down Dolphins
Vic Carucci, NFL.com: Few conclusions from Ricky's return


More from the weekend
Returning enshrinees - more than 50 members of the Hall of Fame were on hand for the 2005 festivities
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Jerry Green wins McCann Award
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2005 Mascot winner
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