Enshrinement Quotes

General Published on : 1/1/2005

Memorable Enshrinement Quotes

Jack Lambert made his enshrinement speech in 1990.On Saturday, Aug. 3, the Class of 2002 will make perhaps the most emotional and stirring speeches of their lives.

Not only will George Allen (represented by his son Senator George Allen), Dave Casper, Dan Hampton, Jim Kelly, and John Stallworth be forever immortalized as one of pro football's greatest, but the words of acceptance will also be remembered.

Over the years, speeches have ranged from 30 seconds to 20 minutes in length. Here's some of the more memorable snippets from past Hall of Fame enshrinement speeches.

"…my father told me a long time ago, if you are ever asked to speak at such an auspicious occasion with so many great speakers, make sure you stand up good and tall so they all can see you and talk good and loud so they all can hear you, make a short speech so they all will listen to you, and then sit down so they all will like you."

Bud Grant's closing remarks - 1994
"…we were told that we have seven minutes when we come up here. And the reason we know is because they have a red light, a white light. The white one goes on when you have a minute left, the red one when you're supposed to finish. I just want you to know I unscrewed them."

Dan Dierdorf - 1996
"Bronko (Nagurski), I am proud to sit in the Hall of Fame with you. Today I feel like the boy who has climbed the highest tree in the woods and conquered the forest. What else is there?"

Clarke Hinkle's entire Enshrinement speech - 1964
"In my opinion, baseball is America's pastime, but football is truly America's passion."

Howie Long - 2000
"If I could start my life all over again, I would be a professional football player. And you damn well better believe I'd be a Pittsburgh Steeler."

Jack Lambert - 1990
"You know, a middle linebacker doesn't get too much credit. Well let me tell you, just being a part of the Green Bay Packers for 14 years was enough credit for Ray Nitschke."

Ray Nitschke - 1978
"I've had many honors in my day, but I have to admit, this has to be the tops of them."

Otto Graham - 1965