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General Published on : 1/1/2005

35th Annual Photo Contest (2002 Season)

Sponsored by Canon

Action Category

DAVE BOSS AWARD OF EXCELLENCE (2002 Photo of the Year)

First Place - John Beale,
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"Facemask," Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers, January 5, 2003

Second Place - Bob Rosato,
Sports Illustrated,

"Flying Fish," New Orleans Saints at Miami Dolphins, August 15, 2002
Third Place - Ed Suba, Jr.,
Akron Beacon Journal,
"All Thumb," Kansas City Chiefs at Cleveland Browns, September 8, 2002

Hon. Mention - Michael C. Hebert,
New Orleans Saints,
"Breaking the Plane," New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons, November 17, 2002

Hon. Mention - Jerry Lodriguss,
Philadelphia Inquirer,

"Akers Dives," Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles,
September 22, 2002

Hon. Mention - Jim Prisching, Chicago Tribune,

"Eye Got It," Chicago Bears at Buffalo Bills, September 29, 2002

  Hon. Mention - David Silverman,
New England Patriots,
Untitled, New England Patriots at Chicago Bears, November 10, 2002.