2006 AFC-NFC Pro Football Hall of Fame Game Quotes

2006 AFC-NFC Pro Football Hall of Fame Game Quotes

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Oakland Raiders


(On your touchdown reception)
Aaron threw me a good ball and I just jumped and made a play on the ball.

(Discuss the difficulty of that catch)
I just made a play on the ball.  When it’s in the air, you just try to make a play.  I actually thought I wouldn’t get it, but you never know unless you try.  I just threw my hands up there and caught it – I was able to get both hands on it.

(On the communication in the huddle in this, your first preseason game)
Things were all right in the huddle, we just didn’t get our good groove on like we wanted to tonight.  We’re pleased with our performance, but it can be a whole lot better.  But we scored and got ourselves back into the game.  It’s a process right now.  We’ll just keep working at it.

* * *


(On getting your first start)
When I first got out there, it was kind of hard to breathe.  Getting out on an NFL field was a dream finally coming true.  It took me a couple of series to get the butterflies out, but after that, everything came together naturally. 

(Expectations for you and a young Raiders secondary this year)
We’ve got a very young secondary and we want to get better every day.  We’re hoping to improve on forcing turnovers in the secondary this year because creating turnovers can change the course of a game.

* * *


(On getting your first career interception; take me through the play)
The guy ran a curl and I just jumped the route and got the pick.  I was excited at the time, but then I realized that I can’t take this into the regular season.

(How is the secondary progressing thus far in camp?)
We’ve got a lot of talent back there and we’re making progress in practice.  We’re gaining confidence in our ability and in handling our assignments.  We have high expectations for ourselves this season.

Question: What did you think about the first two quarters of the 2006 season?

Aaron Brooks #2:

“Not bad, knowing it’s just the start for us, the first time going against an opponent. There are some things that we’ve got to better at. It was good that we were able to put seven points on the board, the first time out. We are going to go back to work next week, and we look forward to playing better than we did today.”

Lamont Jordan #34:

“We got a lot of work to do. It looks like we picked up right where we left off last year. The bright side is that this is our first preseason game, but we’ve got a lot of work to do if we are going to get back to form.”

Philadelphia Eagles


On the contract: “It is nice to get this out of the way and it’s time to get the season going. I’m looking forward to being here another two years. It’s a good thing for me, absolutely, and for the organization.”

On the importance of signing in Canton, Ohio: “Hopefully, that will be the culmination of my career, when it’s all said and done, I’ll be here. For me, just to get the deal done is a big thing. Even though this is a special place because of all the greatness here, just getting the deal done is a big thing for me.

On remaining in Philadelphia: “It means a lot. I started my career here, I made a great connection with these fans, something that not a lot of players can say. And to make a connection in this city like I have been able to do is not an easy task. I have enjoyed my time here and I’m glad it has not ended yet.

On what he still has to accomplish in Philadelphia: “There are a lot of things personally that I want to accomplish, but that big ring on that finger – we still haven’t gotten that yet. The place I want to get it is right here in Philly. That’s not a cliché, it’s not a feel-good story, that’s the truth. I want to get it here in Philadelphia before I leave.”


On the contract extension of Brian Dawkins: "When the time is right and the Hall of Fame knocks on Brian's door, he will be recognized as one of those special players. He is as top quality a player as we've had since we started with this organization. He's a top-quality guy, he's loyal to the Eagles -- he stands for everything we believe in. He has a great work ethic, he's a winner, he works in the community.Brian represents the Eagles perfectly."



On the fact that the team showed a commitment to the running game on the first drive:
“It felt great. Coach told us early that we wanted to kind of set the tone with the running game and that's what we did. The offensive line was out there early opening up holes. I thought really on a couple of runs I should've scored. I tripped up a little bit on a couple of runs so I've got to do a better job, but the offensive line did a great job and hopefully that's how it will be. We've certainly committed a lot of practice time to the running game and we did it out there in the first preseason game.”

On whether he feels that it was important for him to go out there and set the tone for the running game early even though it's a preseason game:
“I think as an offensive unit we're out there trying to prove we can run the ball. We practiced it a lot and have done a decent job in practice. We just want to continue to do the things that we've practiced. We've done a great job in practice and we've got to keep fighting and do an even better job in the game.”

On what it meant being at the Hall of Fame this weekend and whether playing in this game had any special meaning for him:
“It feels great because when I sat in listened to all of the Hall of Fame speeches, those guys worked so hard and the Hall recognized the dedication they've used to persevere. Watching these guys be the best in the game, it's the same thing that I strive to do and I strive to be.”



QB Donovan McNabb
On what it was like to be out there healthy again:
“It felt good. It was good that the offense got a chance to get out there and get things rolling. We also picked up some key blitzes and were able to spread the ball around to different receivers, give them the opportunity to get their feet wet a little bit. I felt healthy, so it’s an exciting time right now.”

On whether he felt like he had anything to prove out there:
”We came with a different attitude. This is something that’s serious for us. We were prepared to come out and have a good showing. This preseason is something that we’re going to take very serious. We’re going to try to take steps forward to get ready for Houston [the first game of the season]. We’re going to go into practice with a full head of steam so we come out here ready to play in a game situation. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

On what it meant to him to be here at the Hall of Fame this weekend and to be able to play in the game:
“This game is serious. This is something that’s emotional for me because I get a chance to be with the Hall of Famers. One of my idols, Warren Moon, he was inducted. I got a chance to see Reggie White’s wife, Sara, which is always a great experience for me. But, to come here and play well on national tv is obviously something that we’re enjoying right now.”

LB Jeremiah Trotter
On whether it was important for the defense to come out and dominate like they did in the first quarter:
“Definitely, man. We started the first day of training camp setting the tone and this is just another opportunity for us to come out here and set the tone for the season. Our goal when the season started was to be the #1 defense in the league and this is the first step.”

On what it meant to him to be at the Hall of Fame this weekend and to be able to play in the game:
“It was a privilege just to be out here and experience the ceremony and just listen to some of the guys speeches, how they got started, thanking all of their friends and family. And even though they were getting inducted, they were getting the award, it was about the people that helped them get there. It was their friends and family, coaches and players and that’s what it’s all about.”

DE Darren Howard
On what it was like being out there with his new team today:
“It was exciting and it was exhilarating to get out there and get that fresh start. It’s a new situation, new teammates, and I’m going against some of my old teammates. It was important for us to set the tone and I think we did that. It went fast, but we did what we had to do when we were in there.”

On whether he thinks he can contribute to the Eagles defensive line in becoming one of the best units in the NFL:
“We’ll see how the season goes. Right now we’re looking pretty good. Everybody’s quick, fast and strong and we’re going to cause a lot of problems for a lot of offensive lines. But, we’ll let the season decide how good we can be and how good we’re going to do.”


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