Answers to Steelers Trivia - #3

History Published on : 5/11/2007


Did you really think we were going to give you multiple choice answers? If you’re the type of fan that can brag that your team’s won five Super Bowls, then you better be able to answer these about the Steelers!!

1. Former broadcaster Myron Cope was creator of what famous Steelers product? The Terrible Towel

2. Steeler running backs Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier accomplished this historical feat in 1976. Both rushed for over 1,000 yards in the same season.

3. How many TDs did Willie Parker score in 2006? 16 (13 rushing, 3 receiving)

4. What former defensive lineman holds the Steelers record for most Pro Bowls with 10? “Mean” Joe Greene

5. The Steelers biggest win in franchise history was a 63-7 shellacking of what current NFC East team in 1952? New York Giants

6. What was former coach Bill Cowher’s first season as the head man in Pittsburgh? 1992

7. Who ranks third – behind Terry Bradshaw and Kordell Stewart – on the Steelers list of all-time winning quarterbacks? Neil O’Donnell

8. What college did current Steeler Troy Polamalu attend? Southern California

9. Two former Steelers were among the seven inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1990. Name these two players. Running back Franco Harris and linebacker Jack Lambert

10. Who is this famous Steelers player pictured below? Hint: he was the first Steeler to eclipse the 1,000-yard rushing barrier in 1962. A feat he would match again in 1964.


Hall of Fame fullback John Henry Johnson was a member of the Steelers from 1960-1965.

How did you do?

10 correct – You deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame next to Art Rooney!
8-9 correct – This performance is reminiscent of Willie Parker’s Super Bowl record TD run
5-7 correct – This puts you third on the depth chart behind John Stallworth and Lynn Swann
1-4 correct – You better hone up on your team history by visiting the TRADITION section of the Steelers website.
0 correct – Are you sure you’re not a Browns fan?