Steelers Trivia - #5

History Published on : 5/25/2007


Did you really think we were going to give you multiple choice answers? If you’re the type of fan that can brag that your team’s won five Super Bowls, then you better be able to answer these about the Steelers!!

1. What is the most number of wins the Steelers ever recorded in a season?

2. How many Steelers quarterbacks are enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

3. Which Olympic team was Art Rooney named to in 1920, but decided not to participate?

4. Who led the Steelers in touchdown receptions during its Super Bowl XL championship season in 2005?

5. What Fort Valley State graduate led Pittsburgh in sacks in 1989?

6. Who was the franchise's first ever draft pick in 1936?

7. Which Steelers great owns the team record for interceptions by a linebacker?

8. And you thought Kordell Stewart was unique…What former Pittsburgh quarterback first moonlighted as a receiver and caught a 90-yard touchdown pass in 1981?

9. What number did cornerback Mel Blount wear during his career?

10. Who is this famous Steelers player pictured below? Hint: In 1989, this rookie running back burst onto the scene to lead the Steelers in rushing yards with 770.


Answers to Steelers Trivia - #5