A dramatic new film capturing the 2015 NFL Season capped by a thrilling Super Bowl 50 debuted this morning at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The new production “Road to the Super Bowl” opened in the Hall’s Super Bowl Theater that anchors the Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery.
“This is a wonderful celebration of the Game that is presented in a spectacular fashion,” Hall of Fame President David Baker commented. “This theater experience will provide great inspiration to all those fans who love the Game.”
Margaret Ruffing Morris, a veteran NFL Films producer who produced this year’s film shared, “Having all of our NFL Films camera angles made editing a joy. It’s gorgeous footage of a momentous game, what could be better? Also, knowing where the film will be shown in the theater at the Pro Football Hall of Fame made me carefully choose the music and sound design for optimal viewer enjoyment. It really was a pleasure to produce the Super Bowl 50 film.”
Hall of Fame guests are treated to the spectacular film that captures the sights and sounds of the game as only done by NFL Films. The film was installed over a two-day period earlier this week. Vince Caputo, Supervising Sound Mixer at NFL Films, oversaw a team that meticulously mixed the sound inside the theater to optimize fan experience.
“The unique part of the Super Bowl Theater is the Super Bowl is captured in a way that only NFL Films can, in true multi-channel surround sound,” Caputo said. “The player wirings, the coach wirings, the unique access to the game that you can only get from NFL Films, presented in the biggest, grandest way.”

The Hall’s Super Bowl Theater is an immersive visual and sound experience featuring a large 40-plus foot screen and 15-channel surround sound that allows fans to experience NFL action and the Super Bowl like never before. The presentation was specially created for the Hall’s Super Bowl Theater.
“Road to the Super Bowl” treats fans to the season in two parts starting with a creative look at the many memorable moments of the 2015 NFL season. The theater then rotates 180 degrees where the drama of Super Bowl 50 unfolds on the large screen.


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